One Piece Red: The 5 keys to properly approach the 15th film of the saga

news culture One Piece Red: The 5 keys to properly approach the 15th film of the saga

One Piece Film: Red is released in French cinemas on August 10, 2022. This cinematographic work is eagerly awaited by fans and could have repercussions on the world of manga as well as the animated series.


  • How does One Piece Film: Red fit into the saga?
  • One Piece Movie: Is Red hot?
  • Who is Shanks?
  • Who is Uta?
  • What can we expect from One Piece Film Red?

One Piece Film: Red was announced when episode 1000 of the adventures of Luffy was released on November 21, 2021. The cinematographic work remains very mysterious on its synopsis, but also on the revelations it could bring. Nevertheless, the trailers and interviews leave some clues about what can be found in this 15th One Piece film.

From what we see in the trailers, Jimbei is part of Luffy’s crew in this movie. It therefore necessarily happens after Whole Cake Island arc during which Straw Hat takes on one of the Four Emperors, Big Mom. Indeed, the fish man joined the Mugiwara crew at this time. We can imagine that it also happens before the final phase of the manga, which Eiichiro Oda is preparing.

One Piece Movie: Is Red hot?

The One Piece movies are not canon. However, if there is a revelation about a character, it will be part of the franchise’s lore. In this film, we learn that Shanks has a daughter, which was never revealed in the manga. This parenthood, even if it will not be mentioned again, should be taken into account in the universe of One Piece. Several revelations about Shanks were also announced and will therefore be taken into account later. They are not likely to change the history of One Piece, but it would allow to discover the past and the private life of Shanks.

Who is Shanks?

Redhead Shanks is an iconic character from One Piece. It was he and no one else who made Luffy want to become the Pirate King. We see it from the beginning of the manga, giving our hero his famous straw hat, telling him that they will meet again one day. During the 1000 chapters, they saw each other only once, during the battle of Marineford. But Luffy was unconscious, which generates some frustration among readers since he was unable to meet him. Shanks is currently one of the four emperors who rules the New Worldalongside Big Mom, Kaido, and Blackbeard.

Who is Uta?

Very little is known of Uta’s origins, other than that she is Shanks the Redhead’s daughter and that her father abandoned her, presumably to live out his life as a pirate. His mother remains unknown, but it is known that Uta rubbed shoulders with Luffy when they were children. Precisely 12 years ago on Foosha Village, Straw Hat’s home island. Uta is designated as the ultimate diva and the world’s most beloved singer. His voice seems to be extremely powerful in the trailers, even supernatural. Whether or not she possesses the powers of a Devil Fruit remains to be seen.

One Piece Red: The 5 keys to properly approach the 15th film of the saga

What can we expect from One Piece Film Red?

One Piece Film: Red promises us revelations about Shanks, and it was Eiichiro Oda himself who announced it. In addition to learning more about this character, we can also hope to see him again alongside Luffy, since the plot revolves around his daughter. The film should also bring its share of answers to the following questions. Where is Shanks’ daughter from? How come he has one? What relationship do they both have? Fans hope to learn more during the feature film. We also see Uta in the company of Luffy when they are children during a trailer, in what seems to be the childhood village of the protagonist. This will be an opportunity to discover the youth of the hero of One Piece. Like the manga, this film remains mysterious about the fate of our heroes.

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