One Piece Red the movie: Luffy, Zoro, Nami… What do they look like in the work dedicated to Shanks?

news culture One Piece Red the movie: Luffy, Zoro, Nami… What do they look like in the work dedicated to Shanks?

After the Netflix series devoted to the first narrative arcs of One Piece, it is the turn of the film centered on Shanks to shine the spotlight on him. One Piece Red unveiled new visuals today of what the main protagonists may look like in the film.


  • Music Festival and Shanks le Roux
  • Sea, Rum & Rock’n’Roll

Music Festival and Shanks le Roux

For One Piece, the end of the year 2021 has been eventful. It became the best-selling manga in France (surpassing Dragon Ball), saw its 100th volume published as well as the 1000th episode of its animated adaptation being broadcast. It was also at this time that the author, Eiichiro Oda, made official the next release in Japan this summer of a film titled One Piece Red. If we know little information about its plot, we already know that the feature film will be focused on Shanks Le Roux : he is one of the central characters of the work, whether for his power or the role of big brother he played for the main character Luffy. A first teaser of the film has been released, and is available at the top of this article.

Shortly before 2022, more details are added to the plot via visuals shared by the film’s official Twitter page. We see Luffy and his nakamas (comrades, colleagues, shipmates but above all friends) redesigned: this is the appearance they will have for the film, ‘at a music festival they are going to attend. We do not yet know why they take part, but this event should serve as a framework for the plot. It is worth remembering that unlike previous films in the universe, One Piece Red should be a canon work: the facts are authentic and attached to the original work. RPO should then be a must-watch” for fans of the work since it will provide a more solid understanding of the mysterious character that Shanks is.

Sea, Rum & Rock’n’Roll

And it is in this vein that new visuals are shared. This is still the official page of One Piece Red which unveils them on Twitter last night and once again, the looks of the crew of the Straw Hat” are quite distinct from what can be seen in the main works since their appearance has been revisited in the style of medieval armor:

The theme is “ROCK x Pirate” Leather with studs, a cool Straw Hat Pirates “combat uniform” with medieval armor drawn on it!

let’s remember that One Piece Red is currently expected on August 06, 2022 in Japan. Nevertheless, the recent Toei hack suspended the broadcast of many anime including One Piece. At this time, it is unknown if the cyberattack had an impact on the film’s release in Japan. In any case, it will be necessary to wait a certain time before seeing it land in French cinemas. We can console ourselves by reading the One Piece manga, which should take a certain turn: chapter 1044, published at the end of the week, should make an important revelation for the history of the manga.

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