One Piece Red the movie: the release date in France has been set, and we won’t have to wait long!

news culture One Piece Red the movie: the release date in France has been set, and we won’t have to wait long!

Very recently, the work of Eiichiro Oda passed into another dimension by sharing sensational revelations before starting the duel at the top of his arc of Wano Kuni. Increasingly popular, the manga will continue its variations through a live-action series and a film, called “One Piece RED”, featuring the iconic Shanks. While the release date in Japan had been announced, the one for us Europeans was long overdue, but it’s finally here!

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  • Less than a week after the release in Japan!
  • A new companion for Luffy’s crew?

Less than a week after the release in Japan!

The One Piece community has been waiting for this date with a firm footing! The most fervent readers and assiduous spectators of the anime will finally rejoice: there won’t be that much of a wait between the screening of the film in Japanese cinemas and the release on the big screen in our cinemas! Scheduled for August 6 in the land of the Rising Sun, the film will set down in France just four days later, August 10, 2022.. For this speed, we must particularly congratulate Pathé Films which allows this French release in the wake of the very first Japanese broadcast!

This new film therefore follows in the footsteps of the previous one, one piece stampedereleased almost three years apart from One Piece Red. Obviously, who says new film, says new plot and, for once, the teams behind the feature film have decided to take an interest in one of the most enigmatic characters in mangathe one without whom the legend of Luffy could not have been written in the same way, namely Captain and Emperor Shanks le Roux.

A new companion for Luffy’s crew?

Little by little, like its central character, the film One Piece Red reveals more about him. Moreover, thanks to a trailer released last monthwe got to know the character of Uta better. Her name may not mean anything to you, but this one, which is more or less presented as the daughter of Shanks the Redhead, could well put a spoke in the wheels of the Mugiwara crew. and in the ambitions of the one who intends to become the King of the Pirates.

Before having the honor of discovering all this on the big screen thanks to Pathé Films, Toei Animation also presents us with facetious clues about the film, including sketches of a new character with a more than familiar face since Sunny-kun is none other than the transformation of the faithful boat that accompanies Luffy and his vassals across the seas of the manga. Such a transformation will undeniably intrigue fans, and speculation is already rife since it could be the work of one of the film’s antagonists, and possibly even Shanks’ daughter! To find out if this mascot risks overshadowing Chopper, see you next August 10 in Gaumont Pathé theaters in France.

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