One Piece Red: The Thousand Sunny will come to life! – melty

By sydney

– Published on May 19, 2022 at 12:37

And it is new information on the film One Piece Red which has just fallen today, with the announcement of a new character which should surprise more than one. The Thousand Sunny will not be just a boat during this adventure!

Tick ​​tock, tick tock! The clock is ticking, and the arrival of the next film in the One Piece saga is inexorably approaching. The film One Piece Red, scheduled for next August, is the big hype expected this summer due in particular to the presence of one of the favorite characters of the fans, Shanks le Roux! A film that has been teased a lot in recent weeks, since we have been able to discover over the days the outfits of the Mugiwara for the occasion, which you will be able to find hereand here. But beyond our usual heroes, it’s also a new character who has shown the end of its muzzle, since Shanks’ daughter, Uta was revealed to us. And as if that wasn’t enough for our gluttonous appetite, the production has just unveiled another novelty!

As you can see from the tweet above, another pirate is about to appear, and it’s… the Thousand Sunny! Indeed, according to the latest teaser, the Straw Hats’ ship should take human form and be called “Sunny-kun”. An astonishing decision, which no one really saw coming. In terms of design, we obviously find the famous bow which was for some a lion, for others a flower, and finally which was the sun guiding the Mugiwara. For the rest, the humanoid representing the ship looks like a Chopper, with a fairly slender animal body and a slightly bewildered smile, very similar to the crew’s reindeer/tanuki!

The Vogue Merry, already…

But if there is astonishment on the set, we can still remember that this is not the first personification of a boat in One Piece, since the Vogue Merry had himself even manifested several times during the Water Seven / Enies Lobby arc, where we could hear his voice and observe him doing one last errand for his friends. We wonder this time what role the Thousand Sunny will play in the story.

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