One Piece RED will finally be released earlier than expected in cinemas in France

The date of the new movie One Piece fell and it will not finally have to wait long after its release in Japan.

It might still seem unlikely a short time ago, but today anime fans can find their favorite universe in the cinema. In the same way as films stamped Marvel, certain great classics of Japanese animation such as dragonball, naruto Where One Piece are available in feature films, with event releases in dark rooms.

An exit almost similar to that of Japan

While waiting for the great return of Sangoku and his friends for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, another emblematic hero of manga is about to find the joys of the big screen. Three years later Stampedewhich had collected nearly 80 million dollars worldwide, the universe of the pirate Luffy will make its big comeback in 2022. In this fifteenth film entitled REDfans of One Piece will be able to follow an unpublished story supervised by Eiichiro Oda, which will notably highlight the character of Shanks. If the release in Japan has been recorded for a long time, French fans had no news about that of France.

But One Piece RED will be released in theaters, and we finally have a date. The news just broke via an official post from Toei Animation (who finally restarted the broadcast of the anime after a violent hack). The latest feature film from the license will be released on August 10. A date all the stronger as it comes only four days after the Japanese release. Unlike other movies in the past, you won’t have to wait three or four months to enjoy one of the most anticipated anime of the year.

A year rich in novelties for Luffy and his friends

In this film directed by Gorō Taniguchi, Luffy and his crew attend an eagerly awaited music festival. The reason ? The most popular singer in the world, Uta (who is none other than the daughter of Captain Shanks), will go on stage for the first time. She will reveal the exceptional power of her voice, which could well change the world. This year, Eiichiro Oda’s manga celebrates its 25th anniversary, and, in addition to the feature film, we can also discover Odyssey, an RPG in the universe One Pieceand the long-awaited volume 101 of the manga was released at the beginning of May.