One Piece Red will turn Thousand Sunny, the flagship of the mugiwara, into a real character


This is a twist of the story that we did not expect…

As we well know, the Thousand Sunny is the flagship of Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates crew, his second ship and one of the most important emblems of the crew, however it will undergo major changes in the last movie of the series. , One Piece Film Red. Unlike the original work, here it will be a real character with life and movementthis was revealed by the official account of company twitter.

The Thousand Sunny originally appeared in Chapter 436 of the One Piece manga. The ship was designed by Franky and built by the foremen of Galley-La, who are said to be the best shipwrights on all the seas, so I had a positive impression of it. Built from the rare and incredibly robust Adam Wood, the ship was designed based on suggestions from the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates. Its importance goes back to the reason it had to be done in the first place..

The Thousand Sunny is the second flagship of the Straw Hat crew and was built after Luffy’s first ship, the beloved Going Merry, was ultimately destroyed at the hands of his antagonists. The ship has been the home and main means of transportation for the Straw Hats. ever since, and remains in active use in the Wano arc of the series until the most recent chapter.

While the Thousand Sunny will have a new appearance in the series’ latest anime film, its predecessor, Going Merry, will also see a redesign for the next One Piece live-action under the order of Netflix. This opens the question as to whether they will be versions that the public will accept or not, let’s remember that the anime public can take design changes to their characters very badly.

Earlier this year, several allegedly leaked images from the set of the new adaptation made their way online, appearing to show a first glimpse of Going Merry in the Netflix live-action. Before those images, an eagle-eyed fan managed to capture some long-distance photos of Iron Mace Alvida’s flagship, Miss Love Duck, whose distinctive shape was seen on a soundstage in Cape Town, South Africa, where it is filmed. the new program. .

The impressive change of the Thousand Sunny for One Piece Red

The official Japanese Twitter account revealed a new art for Sunny-kun, a new character in the form of a mascot that is actually the transformed version of the second. The Straw Hat Pirates’ ship, the Thousand Sunny. The new character resembles the lion-shaped figurehead that adorns the mast of the Thousand Sunny. According to the Tweet, Sunny-kun was designed by the series creator himself, Eiichiro Oda. “The Thousand Sunny, who has had many adventures with the crew, gets an amazing transformation!” the Twitter account stated.

one piece red thousand sunny design

The reveal didn’t mention how the Thousand Sunny transforms or why it takes on this body in the upcoming film, but the art implies that the trusty ship will now be able to speak. A voice actor for Sunny-kun has not been announced yet. This opens up the possibility that the story about this ship will change or have a different background.. Despite the fact that this work has the support of Eiichiro Oda under his arm, we cannot deny that it is still a non-canonical work, that is, it does not have to really affect the course of the main story of One Piece.

In true shonen anime fashion, several collectible figures of Sunny-kun were revealed shortly after the character’s debut. The new figures are scheduled to go on sale this coming September, shortly after One Piece Film Red opens in Japanese theaters on August 6. The film’s international release date has yet to be announced., as well as all the products that go with it, but we hope to have news very soon. Chances are, just like with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, distribution can be made easier with the help of Crunchyroll.

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