One Piece redesigns Jimbei after joining Luffy’s crew

This look suits the Knight of the Sea.

The new arc of One Piece has started loaded with great adventures for the Straw Hats, as they have reached the Dr Vega Punk Island, Eggheadin which they have been surprised by the innovations that it has.

Jimbei joined the Straw Hats crew after the happenings at Whole Cakesince at that moment he decided to help them and quit big mom’s groupsince that moment he has become a faithful nakama of Luffy.

Recently, Jimbei has received a redesign since I know joined the Straw Hats crew. Next, we tell you the details.

Jimbei has acquired a new design

Jimbei has received a redesign for the first time since joining the Straw Hats.

Jimbei has received a redesign for the first time since joining the Straw Hats.

Jimbei has ventured into a adventure for the first time with Luffy since his union with the Straw Hats, since until now he had not been able to do so because of the recent events that had been developed in the series.

The Knight of the Sea has had a great development in the plot of the series since his first appearance, as he has managed to position himself as the Timonero of the Straw Hats crew, being one of the luffy’s henchmen.

In the most recent chapter, the Straw Hats have uncovered Eggheadthe island of Dr. Vega Punk, in the middle of this journey they have found a member of the Worst Generation called Jewelry Bonneywho has come to this place with the intention of killing this scientist for the damage he has caused his father.

During the tour of this island they have discovered the great innovations on this islandWell, normally it is a winter place, but thanks to the inventions of Vega Punk, it has a climate regulator, making it warmer. Also, during the journey of these pirates through this site, they have come across numerous inventions that have surprised them.

It is necessary to remember that each time the Straw Hats arrive on a new island get a change of outfitrepresented a little what is coming in this new adventure.

This new outfit has also been acquired by Jimbei, who has received his first wardrobe redesign since joining the Straw Hats, thanks to a novel machine that provides clothes. The Knight of the Sea on this occasion wears an unconventional look that he is used to wearing.

This adventure in Egghead has shown that it comes loaded with grand unveilingsas it has already been observed that the true identity of Dr. Vega Punk has been revealed, causing a great impact on the plot, since it is presumed that a large number of mysteries will be addressed about the empty century and the devil fruits.

Also, everything seems to indicate that the Dr. Vega Punk will have a very important role within this new arc.

It remains to be hoped that the plot of this series will continue to develop observe the impact that they have had recent revelations of this work.