One Piece renews one of its most famous scenes from the manga

The anime and manga of one piecein it wano’s bow has focused especially on Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirateswho are fighting against Kaido and their Beast Pirates to be able to liberate the citizens of this isolated nation in disgrace; and it is precisely because of its very plot that great moments have also come where the franchise takes advantage of the moment to immerse us in memories of the past, showing us some of the main scenes of the days of yore within Grand Line.

And that was the sign that the team behind this great anime had been waiting for to revive and honor one of the greatest flashback moments in history. Wano-Arc has received, since they have officially given a touch of color to an important event within their plot, which is represented in the classic scene in which Goal D. Roger discover the treasure of one piece and can do nothing but laugh at that situation.

That is why, during the flashback scenes inside the wano’s boware essential to lay the foundations for the battle from which the Straw Hat Pirates are currently part, and with the life of Kozuki Odenthe potential savior of Wano Countrywho crosses not only with Goal D. Rogerbut with people like White beard and several other key players in the world before Luffy Gather your mighty crew.

And that’s why with odenas part of the crews of White beard Y Rogerthe wandering samurai was not only able to start a family while traveling through Grand Linebut could also have been part of the crew of goal d when the treasure was discovered one piece.

This has been celebrated, thanks to the twitter user: New World Arthurwho shared the colored version of the moment from the manga by one piece in which Goal D. Roger discovered the treasure of one pieceand threw his head back, to reveal that big epic laugh, leaving many of his fans wondering a lot more about what the legendary treasure actually is.

Since even though the treasure of one piece has not yet been revealed so far, Eiichiro Oda has previously stated that he has informed the editors of the story of Shōnen Jump about what Roger found that fateful day, so the legendary treasure is most likely not silver and gold, since according to the reaction of Rogeralthough we imagine that this mystery will be revealed before Luffy can achieve his goal of becoming the king of the pirates, maybe he will even be revealed as a possible part of the wano’s bowSure, if we’re lucky.