One Piece: return of volume 100 collector on sale

ONE PIECE. After several weeks out of stock, One Piece collector’s volume 100 is once again offered at Rakuten at a recommended retail price.

Are you a huge fan of One Piece and the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy? You certainly did not miss the announcement of the 100 collector volume released several weeks ago. Unfortunately, the latter is very difficult to find now. With its superb leather case, this collector’s volume 100 of One Piece has already been sold for several tens or even hundreds of euros on the net. Find out where to find it at the best resale price currently available.

Where can I find One Piece Collector’s Volume 100?

If you want to get your hands on this collector’s number, it can be an obstacle course. This unique volume with its leather case specially created for the occasion is perhaps as sought after as the One Piece itself! Despite a record launch in France with 250,000 printed copies, demand is likely to greatly exceed the planned quantities. Several brands add stock from time to time, including Amazon and Fnac, which offered a few pre-orders a few months ago. You can always go to the sites in question and hope for possible restocks in the days to come.

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