One Piece: reveal the future of Wano by showing the titles of the next chapters

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the anime series, you’ll know that things are getting better and better in one piecewhile the war for Wano continues in one piecewith the legendary “Roof Piece” currently scheduled to see characters like Luffy, zoro, Trafalgar Law, kids Y killer facing off against the two main villains of the isolated nation in Kaido Y Big Mom. And it is that despite the series of delays that the series suffered due to the hacking that Toei Animation received, the history of the Straw Hat Pirates in Wano continues with some of the biggest moments yet to come.

That’s right, and to our surprise, the very titles of the new episodes to come have hinted at where it is in the arc of this season, and what we could expect; you see, the next episode of one pieceas well as the episodes 1017 a 1020 respectively, have revealed their titles as such, and without a real spoiler for the anime.

1017: Great barrage of SKILL! The attack of the worst generation!
1018: Kaido laughs! Four emperors against the new generation
1019: Tama’s Secret Plan! Operation Kibi Dango
1020: Sanji Screams! Echoes of SOS throughout the island

Now, we know that currently, the anime is dangerously close to the current moments of the manga, which makes many fans of one piece wonder if we’ll see more filler installments on the horizon before the War for Wano come to an end, since with the anime adaptation getting closer and closer to the big moment in which Luffy uncovers a hidden power that lay dormant within itself, there are some game-changing story beats set to air on the small screen in the near future.

Also, let’s keep in mind that 2022 will be a great year for one pieceand we are not only talking about its anime and manga series, but also with the arrival of the fifteenth film in the series, One Piece: Redwhere we can see the return of Shank the redhead to the story of Luffy on his quest to become the king of pirates, along with the introduction of his daughter, uta.

So although it is unknown if the film will really change the current history of one piece in the future, his fans continue to be anxious to see the film, and as the date approaches, their spirits grow, and despite the fact that a release date in America has not yet been revealed, but what is a fact, is that it will come this year.