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the anime of one piece It has been broadcast since 1999 and maintains a plot that allows fans to get excited with each episode. At this time, the crew is in trouble and Robin is forced to try a powerful new demon form.

The Straw Hat Crew wage war on Onigashima, which seems to be about to end. Luffy’s pirates face Tobi Roppo while, for his part, the captain fights Kaido in the Skull Dome. So the battle is only kept at explosive points.

The last couple of episodes of one piece focused on Robin after she saved Sanji from Black Maria. In this way, he realized all the potential he has and that he is capable of exceeding limits.

Robin unlocked some awesome power and ended the battle in an even more impressive way. The great force of the pirates had an excellent adaptation in the climax of the last episode in which they defeated Black María withering.

In the latest episode of One Piece, Nico Robin revealed his new demon form that left fans in awe.
Source: Toei Animation

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What is Robin’s new power in One Piece?

After rescuing Sanji, Robin had to improve her skills, this quickly led her to an unexpected devilish transformation of black and reddish tones, appearing some kind of cursed angel. This new form is called “Fleur Demon”.

This is because the Devil Fruit that Robin consumed is called Hana Hana, which allows its user to flourish in different ways. In fact, it can produce several limbs in a chain—for greater breadth—and it can generate more, some unconventional ones, such as wings.

However, at this moment a dark nuance of his abilities was revealed that demonstrate all of Robin’s power.

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