One Piece revealed the alternate version of Luffy at 70 years old and you didn’t notice

Luffy could be important in the future of the series.

One Piece is an anime and manga franchise that has already more than two decades of publication and broadcastgiving rise to this throughout all this time his mangaka, Eiichiro Oda, has been able to put all kinds of details in his workbeing in fact one of its great characteristics the fact that you can put something completely arbitrary in a chapter for 200 later to see the importance that moment had.

Be that as it may, in this case it is time to talk about the captain of the Straw HatsLuffy, who has recently not only shown that, despite his naivety, he’s smarter than he looksbut he has also remained a young man who is around 20 years old after all this time that the manga has been published. And it seems that a small detail would have shown us luffy 70 years old.

It is not even known if Luffy will reach 70 years old if we take into account what happened with the previous King of the Pirates

Luffy's family has two gods, which the world government must face

Luffy’s family has two gods, which the world government must face

This has been seen in the most recent chapter of the manga when trying to unveil the mystery surrounding Doctor Vegapunkthereby giving rise to the possibility of time travel coming to light and showing us the supposed aspect of Luffy with 70 years as reported by the Twitter user known as Fire Fist Janni, who shared the images of a Luffy from an alternate future being Dr. Vegapunk. You can take a look at it below:

It is worth mentioning that, being at the gates of the final arc of One Piece, it is unthinkable that Oda starts playing with something that can cause as many headaches as time travel except for what was seen in Wano. Nevertheless, the possibility is thereso we will see if this comes to nothing or Oda decides to give greater weight to this moment.

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