One Piece Revealed The Big Secret Of Devil Fruits Years Ago And You Didn’t Realize

Oda does his thing again.

The end of One Piece is getting closer to happening every day, thereby giving rise to us being able to see how the great mysteries are being solved or they are gradually clearing up the doubts that there were about these, being so that a change in devil fruits I would be confirming more new details about these.

In fact, with the release of the most recent film in the franchise, One Piece Film RED has confirmed a theory of the Devil Fruits that fans have been waiting for years. And it seems that, as he usually does in his work, Eiichiro Oda, One Piece mangaka, would have been leaving Devil Fruit clues that now find their answer and felt throughout the multiple episodes of the manga.

Luffy would have inherited the will of the previous Joyboy thanks to the ingestion of his devil fruit

devil fruits

The Devil Fruits in One Piece.

Knowing that when a Devil Fruit user dies, the Devil Fruit is restored to the world, it has been revealed that Devil Fruits inherit the will of their previous user.thus giving rise to the fact that Luffy has been revealed to have Joyboy’s, thereby giving rise to this now making sense of the fact that in chapter 385 Jabra said that if a person eats two devil fruits the demons within him will fight.

In this way, with this revelation, it makes sense that the devil fruits have a spirit inside them, and the explanation that eating two devil fruits causes death may be the fact that not being able to have so many wills in the same body.

Be that as it may, it seems that Oda is fulfilling an old promise, since at the time he stated that when the identity of doctor Vega Punk is revealed, the truth of the devil fruits will be revealed. It remains to be seen what implications this fact has in the series, but everything seems to indicate that granting powers and removing the ability to swim is only part of what these fruits are capable of doing.

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