One Piece reveals a mysterious Devil Fruit and it could be very powerful

The World Government had a Devil Fruit erased from history.

One Piece still has many mysteries to solve. From Gol D. Roger’s treasure that hardly anyone has seen to the destiny of its protagonists. Everything in One Piece fits together like the pieces of a puzzle, so there are good reasons to start watching the series despite its length. The devil fruits they are a very interesting mystical element, since users get very different superhuman powers like Luffy, Robin or Chopper. According to the latest chapter of One Piece, it has appeared a mysterious devil fruit And it could be very powerful.

has been published manga chapter 1037, where Kaido’s opinion of Luffy has been discovered. The fight continues in Onigashima, but there is a detail that we have not been able to ignore because of all that it means. in the last pages of the manga, there is a scene with the elders of the World Government. Here they talk about finding a devil fruit mysterious in the waters near Wano Country. What is it about?

A new Devil Fruit in One Piece

Scene from One Piece chapter 1037.

The government wants to intervene in Wano to capture nico robin, persecuted her whole life for her knowledge of Poneglyphs. The crew receives orders, but they find something unexpected: a devil fruit that was a legend because “He hasn’t woken up for years”, as one of the elders explains. The most interesting thing is summarized in the last vignette of the chapter, where they literally say that the World Government did everything possible to “erase from history the name of that fruit”.

What is the real meaning of these words? What fruit are they referring to? At the moment everything is unknown, but it may be a Devil Fruit very powerful if you want to hide its existence. From the words of the elders it seems that this fruit has no known user, but it sure is related to the end of the series or the One Piece, don’t you think? In any case, fans of the manga will have to wait a couple of weeks because Eiichiro Oda takes a break and there will be no chapter.

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