One Piece reveals a new secret of the Devil Fruits

The Devil Fruits hid a secret that has recently been revealed.

Chapter #1070 of the One Piece manga has revealed a secret regarding the Devil Fruits.

It is well known that in the One Piece anime, the Devil Fruits turn out to be quite powerful. These mystical fruits endow their users with quite a variety of special powers and abilities, depending on the fruit they are and the type they belong to.

Several revelations have recently emerged around these fruits, and one of the most shocking has been the one that explains how everyone can get the Devil Fruits.

Another of the revelations that have taken place recently has been a new secret of the Devil Fruitsabout which we will tell you below, but you should know that this post contains spoilers from Chapter #1070 of One Piece manga.

A secret hidden in the Devil Fruits has been revealed

Devil Fruits are full of great mysteries

Devil Fruits are full of great mysteries

The devil fruits They are one of the most powerful objects in One Piece, carrying and granting its consumers countless abilities. These powerful fruits are classified into three categories, which are the following:

  • Paramecia: they are the most common and grant the user physical abilities or powers.
  • Zoan: Grants the wearer the ability to turn into animals or other prehistoric or mythological creaturesgiving the user the full capabilities of the animal or creature it is transformed into.
  • Logia: they are the rarest type, and allow the consumer become an itembecoming intangible and/or indestructible.

The revelation that has emerged in chapter #1070 of the manga regarding the Devil Fruits has taken place thanks to Dr. Vegapunk, who has carried out research and experiments, and has achieved figure out how to duplicate or “transplant” Devil Fruit abilities.

Vegapunk has developed a method to share the power of the Devil Fruits to other people. What Dr. Vegapunk has done is extract the “bloodline elements” (the name they have in the series for DNA) from a Devil Fruit carrier, and has subsequently processed it to implant it into another person.

Vegapunk has managed to replicate the powers of the Devil Fruits

Vegapunk has managed to replicate the powers of the Devil Fruits

This processed blood called it “green blood”and once it has been administered to another person, the latter gains the powers of the person who held the Devil Fruit.

Notably, Vegapunk has also stated that despite only requiring blood from a Devil Fruit wielder, green blood is not an easy thing to obtainsince it takes time, money and dedication.

At first glance this seems to be a great advance, but the truth is that behind this method there is a long and tedious process. Also, while it seems like a great idea so far, we’re not entirely sure this is going to affect the story in a good way.

How could this affect the development of One Piece?

These new inventions of Dr. Vegapunk could bring big problems in One Piece

These new inventions of Dr. Vegapunk could bring big problems in One Piece

While this project is an incredible scientific breakthrough so far, it could eventually have repercussions that are not entirely good for the characters and/or for the story.

This method involves the extension of the powers of the Devil Fruitallowing anyone who knows how to replicate this method access to these powerful abilities.

Although Vegapunk’s scientific methods are advanced enough to be difficult to replicate, it cannot be left out. the possibility of this technique spreading and getting into the wrong hands. This method is so powerful that even the Navy could build an army using it.

It is not yet known exactly what will happen in the story regarding the green blood, but there is no doubt that, in the event it reaches the wrong people, could cause great chaos and imbalance in the plot.

Until now we can only make mere speculations about what might happen with this new scientific discovery from Vegapunk, and all that remains is to wait for the new chapters of this story to come out to discover what will happen next.