One Piece reveals a spin-off of Sanji at 40

Definitely one piece is one of the manga series that has earned a special place with its fans, and that is why it has officially brought its special Sanji spin-off series from the creative team behind Food Wars, that’s right Shokugeki no Soma came to an end, and the final chapter of this series shared the best look at Sanji so far by revealing what he would look like in his 40s.

Shokugeki no Sanji was a special food-focused spin-off that saw the creators of Food Wars, where Yūto Tsukuda Y shun saekihighlighted Sanji as he navigated not only his role with the Straw Hats over the course of his adventures, but he also learned more tools of the chef’s trade.

This anime that started in 2018 has officially come to an end with one of the most emotional releases yet, but back to what has us here, as Sanji continues to learn with the Chef Zeff and the rest of the crew on the Baratie, a customer asks Sanji to create a dish especially for her.

And when she manages to finish it successfully, she ends up having the usual reaction to the good food fans that they used to see in Food Wars, so after this they reveal their vision of Sanji’s future which is very close to the design of 40 years of Ode to the character.

This is because the final chapter of Food Wars: Shokugeki no Sanji He gives Sanji one of the toughest challenges of his young career as a rising chef, so when a customer asks him to make a meal specifically for her, Sanji comes up with a special lamb dish that offers various kinds of tastes. .

After that, it’s revealed that some other chefs at Baratie were so jealous that they messed with the ingredients, so Sanji eventually got over this and pleased the customer so much that his clothes burst (like in Food Wars) and she imagines that Sanji just he would become more skilled as a chef as he gets older.

His specific vision of Sanji is the 40-year-old version of the character that Eiichiro Oda once shared with fans curious about what each of the Straw Hats would look like as they aged, though this is the first officially incorporated version of the design to be revealed. fans have seen in any official One Piece release, and now it’s been immortalized as part of the spin-offs’ grand finale.