One Piece reveals an ability of Luffy’s Gear Fifth that can change everything

Luffy’s new transformation seems limitless and this new ability proves it.

Luffy’s Gear Fifth seemingly has no limits.

Luffy’s Gear Fifth has given a lot to talk about in the last chapters of the manga, since it has been possible to get a little more information about this incredible transformation that has given the Straw Hat overwhelming abilities.

It should be noted that Luffy he acquired this powerful and unexpected transformation during his fight against Kaidowhich served him to defeat the Captain of the Beast Pirates who had held the island of Wano captive for more than two decades.

During the development of the series, it has been possible to learn a little more about Luffy’s Gear Fifth. showing that he is much stronger than what is thoughtwell it has really powerful abilities.

Recently, it has been revealed a Gear Fifth ability that could change everything. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from Chapter #1070 of the One Piece manga.

The Gear Fifth seems to have no limits

Gear Fifth is so powerful that it seems to have no limits

Gear Fifth is so powerful that it seems to have no limits

Events in Egghead have gone climbing to unimaginable levelssince since the revelation of the true identity of Dr. Vegapunk, many have been the enigmas that have been revealed in the series thanks to this scientist, since this is a key piece to understand the events of the Empty Century.

The arrival of Rob Lucci and the CP0 to Egghead in search of Dr.Vegapunk has raised the tension, since this group has orders to assassinate this scientistsince it has been declared as an enemy of the World Government for having revealed confidential information that they had hidden for many years.

During the arrival of this group to this island, it has been fought an intense battle between Luffy and Rob Luccisince the latter had not the slightest idea that the Straw Hats were in this place, this has been the perfect moment for Luffy to use Gear Fifth showing a new attack and skills that can change everything.

In it chapter # 1070 of the mangaLuffy has been observed using Gear Fifth and showing incredible abilities that are only limited by your own imaginationsince in this battle he has performed incredible feats very similar to those he did during his fight against Kaido, since he has become a giant and has eaten rubble from the floor of this laboratory and spit it out as if it were a submachine gun, showing the comical and cartoonish side of this transformation.

Luffy's new attacks are quite cartoonish just like Oda wanted.

Luffy’s new attacks are quite cartoonish just like Oda wanted.

Also, in this episode it has been shown that the Gear Fifth has the ability to manipulate his environment and reality of things in a way never thought of before, since this transformation seems to have no limits, which is a clear advantage for Luffy over his enemies.

Luffy in this chapter has molded an item from Vegapunk’s lab to prepare an attack on Lucci, demonstrating the range of the Gear Fifth’s abilities. In addition, the Straw Hat has also created aviator glasses using his hair, further reinforcing that his imagination is the only limit on his powers.

Luffy can shape his environment and reality at will.

Luffy can shape his environment and reality at will.

Without a doubt, the power of Gear Fifth is overwhelming and gives Luffy the ability to do whatever you want regardless of your surroundings or the enemy whoever he is facing, as evidenced during his battle against Kaido, in which he used extremely incredible and unexpected abilities.

On the other hand, with the magnitude and superiority of this transformation there are few characters that could fight against Luffy’s Gear Fifthsince this has surpassed the current scale of power that the series has, because apparently there is still no opponent who can stop him.

In addition, the recent events in Egghead have given rise to the final war beginssince the Navy together with Kizaru They have come to this island to stop Luffy..