One Piece Reveals Its Craziest And Most Expensive Figure Yet

The world of A piece became one of today’s biggest animated series, following the Straw Hat Pirates’ journey as they attempt to make their captain, Monkey D. Luffy, the new Pirate King. While there has been plenty of merchandise released over the years focusing on the story of Eiichiro Oda, one of his most expensive and extravagant statues to date has hit the ground imagining what might look like the Straw Hat Captain if he achieved his goal.

A piece worked its way to becoming one of the greatest Shonen series to ever arrive in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, debuting in 1997 and following the Straw Hat Pirates for decades as they sailed the the Grand Line seas. For this statue, created by Last Sleep Studio, it not only shows Luffy on the throne, but also features a number of other characters including Charlotte Cracker, Hody Jones, Gecko Moria, Rob Lucci, Crocodile, Enel, Charlotte Katakuri, Donquioxote Doflamingo, and more. Be warned though, if you want to add this statue to your collection, it will cost you a few thousand dollars, which is understandable given the size of the merchandise.

Last Sleep Studio shared the image of the monumental A piece statue via their official Facebook page, giving fans of Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece a glimpse of what Luffy will look like once he officially becomes the Pirate King, as well as some of the main obstacles the captain rubber pirate had to overcome:

Luffy is done! Ship before CNY! ??

posted by Last sleep to Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Eiichiro Oda had no hesitation in thinking that the story of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates should end within the next five years, and with the potential end of the war for Wano this year, the final arc of A piece maybe just around the corner. Although there are plenty of fans who would hate to see the world of Grand Line come to an end, Oda has certainly earned his retirement whenever that day comes.

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