One Piece Reveals Its Devil Fruits Have Their Names

The Devil Fruit is one of the largest edible items in the world of Grand Line, granting several of the Straw Hat Pirates and countless of their enemies superhuman powers. With unique names such as Gum-Gum Fruit and Fish Fish Fruit to name a few, creator Eiichiro Oda has revealed how swordsmen who eat these magical fruits are able to discover their names after previously throwing them into their throat.

Aside from the legendary treasure known as One Piece, there are perhaps no larger items in the world of Grand Line than Devil Fruit, edibles that grant those who ingest them superhuman abilities but takes away the ability to swim, which is all. the most ironic considering that most of those who eat them are swordsmen themselves. However, there is a major question regarding the devil fruits themselves, which have unique titles such as gum-gum fruit and fish-fish fruit to name a few, in that the people who eat said items finally know what they’re called? Oda had this to say about this particular dilemma:

“Well, I’ll go into more detail about the Devil Fruit in the main story later, but there’s kind of an identification manual for Devil Fruits. It contains information about each fruit’s name and powers, but there are a few that even have pictures to go with it. The Gum-Gum Fruit had a picture in this book, but the fruit for Kauk and Kalifa did not. They had to eat it to find out what abilities it had, and then they would. go find the name. That’s how the conversation went. The conversation is in volume forty by the way.

As the war for Wano begins to wane, with Luffy and Kaido continuing to fight for the fate of the isolated nation, it’s clear that the battle royale is about to change the landscape of the Grand Line forever. With only five years of history, according to Oda himself, readers wonder when more Devil Fruit secrets will be revealed.

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Via Reddit