One Piece reveals its plans for the future and it will blow your mind

Discover the plans for the One Piece story.

One Piece has positioned itself as one of the best anime today, and at the same time as one of the most extensive. This story has managed to captivate fans in a big way with each of the adventures and challenges that these pirates experience.

One Piece story It has a manga that so far has 1068 chapters.; the anime has more than 1000 chapters (approximately 1044) and also has 15 companion films.

Among the great variety of characters in this story, we can find a character called Dr. Vegapunka scientist who is dedicated to conducting research and experiments that have a very noble background and intention, which has been revealed in the most recent chapter of the manga, also revealing the future plans for the course of this story.

Next we will tell you all the details regarding the true intention of Dr. Vegapunk and the upcoming plans that are held for the one piece story.

One Piece’s future plans

Luffy and his crew of the Straw Hat Pirates

Luffy and his crew of the Straw Hat Pirates

In the One Piece story We have been able to notice the influence that Dr. Vegapunk has for quite some time now, but we had not been able to truly meet the scientist until the final saga of the series.

The latest series of chapters has taught fans about Vegapunk’s library and what Vegapunk has learned regarding the world’s true secrets. However, it is In the most recent chapter that the intentions behind the investigations of Dr. Vegapunk have been revealed.

Dr Vegapunk

One Piece Chapter 1068 picks up right after Dr. Vegapunk asked Luffy to help him get off the island.explaining that although he has managed to get enough money for government research as he wants, there is still a lot he is not capable of.

Wanting to leave the island and wanting to continue doing research has a very special objective and intention: the creation of an ideal world in which energy is abundant, free and accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.

Vegapunk asking Luffy to help him get out of Egghead

Vegapunk asking Luffy to help him get out of Egghead

Likewise, Dr. Vegapunk wants to eliminate one of the main reasons for the warand make the supply of energy cease to be one of the main concerns.

In order to do this, the scientist wants to hunt down the ancient energy that had powered the Void Century devices. That is why he is forced to leave the island and carry out many more investigations in order to achieve his mission.

Although Luffy is not at all interested. in what he says or why he is investigating, in the same way decides to help Vegapunk, claiming that he likes the shape of the scientist’s head..

Finding out that Vegapunk’s investigations are not only driven by his curiosity, but also served by a rather noble purpose on Vegapunk’s part, we can appreciate the true nature and personality of this benefactor character.