One Piece Reveals Kid and Katakuri’s Devil Fruit Designs | Spaghetti Code

The 14th volume of the magazine one piece Magazine this year revealed the devil fruit designs belonging to Eustass Kidd and Charlotte Katakuri, two very popular pirates during the last arcs of the series.

let’s start with Eustass “Captain” Kidone of the 11 pirates of the “Worst Generation” who is on Onigashima Island and shares Luffy and Law’s wishes to defeat the Sea Emperors Kaido and Big Mom. Kid is a user of the Jiki Jiki no Mi that allows it to attract and repel any kind of metallic object thanks to the “magnetism” that it gained with the help of this fruit.

The design of this fruit resembles a “cluster” that holds several spheres with a spiral design and small rays exiting in one or more directions. A yellow stem that also resembles the figure of a lightning bolt spirals around it… of course, instead of alluding to electricity, these forms refer to the magnetic powers that the user who ingests it will gain.

Eustass Kid’s Devil Fruit Description | Photo: SBS One Piece

On the other hand we have the devil fruit that belongs to one of the “3 Sweet Commanders” of the Big Mom pirates and who bears the title of the “strongest son” of said crew. Charlotte Katakuri is a user of the Mochi Mochi no mi that allows you to mold your body with the same elasticity and stickiness as mochi paste before it hardens.

The design of this fruit is much simpler than the previous one, being a white fruit, “almost” round and with spiral designs that end in different directions. The fruit has a flat base underneath which hints at the mochi’s versatility that the user who ingests it will gain.

Charlotte Katakuri’s Devil Fruit Description | Photo: SBS One Piece

Unless there is a point in the history of one piece where these characters reappear or the origins of the devil fruits are explained there would be no reason to introduce the design of these devil fruits, so this is a good opportunity to learn more about them.


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