One Piece reveals Luffy’s Gear 5 in full color

The Weekly Shonen Jump cover shows us Luffy’s most powerful strength in One Piece and it’s just as brutal as expected.

We can now see in full color the Gear Fifth of Luffyits most powerful form that has the protagonist of one piece. It must be remembered that until now it had only been possible to enjoy black and white and color on a cover of volume 103. But on that occasion it was a distant image and it is already in your browser and it is simply spectacular.

Here we leave you the cover of number 42 of Weekly Shōnen Jump.

One Piece Luffy's Weekly Shonen Jump Gear 5
Weekly Shonen Jump shows Luffy’s Gear 5 from One Piece

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One of the great revelations of the manga:

Attention SPOILERS. Fans who keep up to date with the long-running series of one piecethey know perfectly well that the explosion of the powers of Luffy it has nothing to do with the devil fruit Gomu Gomu no Mi. Something we thought from the first episodes of the series. Actually, the abilities of Luffy come from a mythical and divine creature called Nika, about which not much is known. He was able to access that power for the first time during the battle against Kaidowhere his form debuted Gear Fifth.

The sleeve, one piece is black and white, so readers could only speculate on the exact colors of this powerful version of Luffy, which also brings important changes to your body. Although there were certain clues thanks to a leak of an action figure from Bandaiwhich showed the hair and clothes of Luffy completely white, while his eyes acquired a peculiar red color. This was later confirmed by the cover of the manga’s 103rd volume, released in August 2022.

One Piece 103
One Piece 103

The series is in a great moment of popularity.

one piece it remains the best-selling manga in history and over time continues to break its own records. In addition, they have recently released a movie that has been quite successful and Netflix is preparing his own series in real action. They recently showed some material and it looks like it will live up to the original material.