One Piece reveals Luffy’s true dream and it’s not the one you think

Luffy surprised the Straw Hat crew when he revealed his intentions in chapter 1060.

There have been many secrets, speculations and discoveries surrounding Luffy’s true powers and the motivations that brought him to where he is to pursue his life’s dream. However, now that things seemed to be clearing up for One Piece fans, including links to other Straw Hat-related characters, mangaka Eiichiro Oda has decided to take readers by surprise and reveal that Luffy’s dream is not exactly to become the Pirate King. Beforehand, fans have always assumed that this was the mission of the Straw Hat captain, but in an unexpected twist, during chapter 1060, One Piece showed that his biggest dream is something else.


Luffy’s true dream is still up in the air

To better understand, in the first chapter of the manga, which was published 25 years ago, Luffy quite presumptuously mentioned his intention to become the King of the Pirates, a position that has only held the legendary Gol D. Roger. Since that moment, Luffy’s journey has been exactly the same path that Roger traced before his death: recruit a powerful crew -including allies- and explore the Grand Line to reach the last hidden island of Laugh Tale -the one in the which is the recognized treasure of Roger, the One Piece-. Thus, Luffy’s mission seemed to lead to what everyone would assume would be his destiny, to be the Pirate King. And, unlike other opponents, Luffy did not do it for power and prestige, but because, as the gummy captain said “the one who is freest is the Pirate King”. Hence Total freedom seems to be Luffy’s ultimate goal.. But now things have changed drastically, after Oda’s advances.

Flashing back to the present, in One Piece chapter #1060, Straw’s shadow crew members find themselves in a discussion about the latest troubling events surrounding Luffy’s sworn brother, who is a fugitive after being accused of murdering to the Cobra King of Alabasta. In this scene, Luffy has an important memory and it is that when they were children, he, Sabo and Ace made an oath to one day set sail as pirates and thus achieve their dreams. For his part, Sabo said that he wanted to know the world and write a book with his anecdotes; Ace wanted to become a well-known pirate to show that he could achieve whatever he wanted; and, finally, in Luffy’s turn, the words were not shown explicitly in the original sequel (belonging to chapter #585), however, they left his brothers dumbfounded, so the audience assumed that this dream was related to being the Rel of the Pirates. And many years later, in chapter #1060, the mangaka clarifies that Luffy’s true dream was something totally differentas his crewmates were shocked at the revelation.


Now yes, the manga shows Luffy’s words at that time, leaving a slight space for secrets; although, from the reactions of the Straw Hats it is clear that he is not about becoming the Pirate King, as was believed all along. So it’s probably just a means to his true mission. There are many speculations about what Luffy revealed, but very likely this dream continues to have to do with freedom, since it has always been the engine for Luffy’s actions, especially since he is in constant search of his own freedom and that of his friends. However, what still leaves many questions in the air is that the crew is left with their mouths open, which could imply something scandalous, such as abolish the World Government, the organization that has ruled in a tyrannical manner. Although due to the predictable nature of this theory it is likely that there is something more behind the revelation.

Soon we will learn the truth behind a secret that One Piece has kept hidden for twenty-five years. In the same way, it is not surprising considering the number of mysteries that surround the story and it does not greatly change the personality of the protagonist. Be that as it may, Luffy has stood firm against his dreams, so it must be something very important to his philosophy of life.