One Piece reveals one of its biggest twists and aims to be brutal

Beware of spoilers for the upcoming chapter #1043!

The first previews of One Piece chapter 1043 seem to confirm that, in a surprising turn of events, Kaido has achieved victory against Luffy, in other words, the protagonist of the manga has been completely defeated in the most important battle of the plot. However, this unexpected twist makes a lot of sense, if we compare what has happened so far.

Kaido’s victory was expected

The battle for Onigashima has been long and has shed much blood. The samurai of Wano allied themselves with the Straw Hat, Boy and Heart Pirates, as well as with the Mink tribe, with the mission of ending the tyrants Kaido and Orochi and, in this way, restoring peace and prosperity to the land. The great military might of the Kaido Beast Pirates was bolstered by Big Mom’s unexpected presence, but despite this, the battle seemed to turn in favor of the samurai-pirate-Mink alliance. The top officers of the Beasts Pirates have been defeated, and Big Mom also lost to Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid. On the other hand, the only danger left is Kaido, but Luffy seems finally able to take him on.. The result of the combat might seem obvious, it is no longer customary for the protagonist of a shonen manga to lose his most important battles. However, Eiichiro Oda has once again surprised his readers with this twist that no one expected.

At the end of chapter #1042, Luffy was hit by Kaido’s most powerful attack thanks to the CP0 boss intervening. Instead of Luffy getting up and ending the fight, the first spoilers of chapter # 1043 seem to confirm that Kaido is proclaimed the winner and moves to the main plant of Onigashima, where the pirate-samurai alliance continues to fight against the remnants of their army.

However, Luffy’s failure makes a lot of sense for several reasons. First of all, considering that the rest of the battle was pretty much in favor of the “good guys”, Kaido’s defeat seemed too obvious, and would have ruined the narrative that Oda put behind this character. Second, Luffy had already lost twice to Kaido before this latest matchup. Having him recover a third time and go for another fight would be somewhat redundant.


Maybe it’s the people of Wano who have to take charge

There’s also another compelling reason why Luffy shouldn’t exactly be the one to beat Kaido, and that’s because this isn’t really his fight. While it is true that the Straw Hats are used to getting involved in other people’s problems, and “righting wrongs” they find on their travels, Oda has spent enough time describing the history of Wano and the tragic consequences it has brought. Kaido’s interest in that country. The Kozuki clan, the Red Sabers, and the Wano people themselves are Kaido’s true enemies., and, therefore, they should be the ones to finish him off. In fact, something very similar happened in Dressrosa with Doflamingo, but the difference here is that the samurai might have enough strength to take down the villain, all the more so after Luffy pushed him to the limits of him.

Finally, there is also a theory that Luffy previously defeated Kaido. For his part, the Emperor’s plan was to amass enough military strength to openly defy the World Government and thus find the One Piece. Until now, his army is scattered, and his main officers and strongest fighters have been defeated. The alliance with the Big Mom pirates, a key to the success of Kaido’s plan, has been dispelled by the Worst Generation pirates. The weapons and explosives he stored on Onigashima were destroyed during the battle. In addition, the samurai alliance has deprived Kaido of the labor he used in Wano’s weapons factories. So regardless of whether Kaido is defeated or not, his dreams have been shattered thanks to the Straw Hat Pirates, who have returned Wano to Kozuki’s rightful heir, Momonosuke. For this reason they have inspired the revolt and have been a key point in the battle for Onigashima.

In view of all of the above, Luffy’s defeat in his final match with Kaido makes all the sense in the world. Of course, we can still expect more surprises, especially as Eiichiro Oda has shown behind his creative storytelling. We will have to be attentive, since One Piece chapter # 1043 will be available until Sunday, March 13.

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