One Piece reveals one of its secret identities

One Piece does not cease to amaze with its shocking revelations.

This new arc of One Piece has begun full of great adventures as has been observed in the most recent chapter, where the world government has invaded amazon lily.

The navy’s siege of Amazon Lily has brought big surprises for many and it is that, during this chaotic event, the Teach’s interest in acquiring the strongest Akuma no Mi in One Piece. Also, this pirate has shown part of his skills for the first time. However, this is not all, since it has also been discovered the secret identity of an Ancient Empress of this island, which had previously been featured in the Sabaody Archipelago arc, but under a different name. Next, we tell you the details.

This post contains spoilers for chapter #1059 of the One Piece manga.

Who is the former Empress of Amazon Lily that has been revealed in One Piece?

Shakky seems to have a double identity

Shakky seems to have a double identity

Amazon Lily Island is an inhabited place solely and exclusively for women. A site ruled by the former Shichibukai Boa Hancock, the Serpent Princess. This country has been engulfed in enormous chaos due to the navy invasion by order of the World Government.

Amazon Lily also hosts various secretslike all the overall plot of One Piece. However, in the most recent chapter unveiled various mysteries surrounding these warriors.

It is well known that, in the past, the Empress of Amazon Lily was Gloriosa, which rescued Boa and her sisters. However, this she has not been the only regent of this islandbecause the identity of one of these has been revealed, which is also became a major figure in piracy.

After what Teach will immobilize Boa and neutralize her powers., two figures appeared to rescue her before she was killed. On the one hand, there was Dark King, Silver Rayleigh and, on the other, the owner of the bar La Estafa de Shakky, in the Sabaody archipelago and former Governor of Amazon Lily, Shakuyaku.

This woman was introduced during the Sabaody Archipelago eventsthough under the shaky name. However, it has now been revealed that she is one of the ancient empresses of the island of the amazons, so it has enormous power. And not only that, but it is also the wife of Vice Commander of Gol D. Roger, Rayleigh.

Thanks to the appearance of these powerful characters, Teach had no choice but to leave the place, Well, he himself confirms that he could not beat Rayleigh. Thus, Boa was saved from the tragic fate that awaited her and with the help of an ancient empress.

How powerful is Boa Hancock’s Akuma no Mi, which piqued Teach’s interest?

Boa Hancock's Akuma no Mi gives her incredible abilities that are well used by the beauty of this Empress

Boa Hancock’s Akuma no Mi gives her incredible abilities that are well used by the beauty of this Empress

It is known that the Devil Fruits grant their bearer extremely incredible abilities.making them formidable foes for any opponent.

Boa Hancock’s Mero Mero no Mi is no exception to this, because this devil fruit has granted him incredible abilities to the Serpent Princess with which a great road and renown through the new world and the Grand Line.

This Akuma no Mi is known as the fruit of love, since this allows you to perform a series of attacks that imply thoughts of desire or lust towards the bearer of this fruit. The adversary by showing some kind of positive reaction to these, it is immediately petrified.

The ability of this fruit has been shown to be incredibly powerfulbecause an example of this was in the most recent chapter, where Boa petrified much of Teach’s crew and navy.

In the wrong hands this ability could be devastatingas it would allow your user subdue and corner easily to his opponents. blackbeard is aware of that and for this reason he wants to get hold of this Akuma no Mito increase its power exponentially.