One Piece Reveals Shakky’s Shocking Pirate Past

Shakky seems to have great experience and power in the Pirate world.

Without a doubt, the new arc of one piece keeps to surprise with their amazing revelations, because on this occasion they have shown the Shakky’s Shocking Pirate Pastwhich had its appearance during the events in the Sabaody Archipelago.

During the Sabaody arc, Shakky went unnoticed, since she was in charge of a bar located in this archipelago, something that did not attract much attention from the Straw Hats or from the fans in general. However, apparently this character was hiding a big secret.

Recently, it has revealed Shakky’s shocking pirate past. Next, we tell you the details.

Shakky’s secret has been revealed

Shakky seems to have a double identity

Shakky seems to have a double identity

The new bow has revealed one of the secret identities best kept seriesWell, no one expected this. great find that has impacted everyone equally.

Shakky was seen during the Sabaody arc, in which she was known as a modest manager of a bar, something relatively normal, because it did not raise any kind of suspicion at any time. However, this character had a great secret What time later would it be revealed?

In the chapter #1059 of the One Piece mangaduring the siege of the Navy and Blackbeard to Amazon Lily, one of the greatest secrets of the series was revealed, as the true identity of Shakky or better known as Shakuyakuex Empress of the Amazons Y Captain of the Kuja Pirates.

Likewise, it was also revealed that Shakuyaku is married to the vice commander of Gol D. Roger, the Dark King, Silver Rayleigh. It is not surprising that fans were surprised by this revelation, since Shakky’s role could have changed since then, since it is known that he has extensive experience as a pirate.

Shakky's Shocking Pirate Past Has Been Revealed And It Has Caused A Big Shock

Shakky’s Shocking Pirate Past Has Been Revealed And It Has Caused A Big Shock

During Shakuyaku’s days as a Pirate, it was known that he was persecuted by Navy hero, Monkey D Garpproving that, at the time, she was one of the most powerful navigators who ever lived.

Since Shakuyaku retired from piracy, he has dedicated himself to collect information of all kinds, because he is the type of person who firmly believes that knowledge is power. This could position it as the Former One Piece Most Powerful Pirateas it has been steeped in a lot of relevant data about all the happenings in the New World and the Grand Line.

It is well known that Rayleigh and Shakky are part of the past generation and that their time as a full-time Pirate has arguably passed. However, on several occasions the Dark King has intervened on behalf of Luffy, since he fully trusts that he is safe. Become the King of the Piratesbecause it reminds him a lot of his old Captain, Goal D. Roger.

With this revelation about Shakky and his great pirate past, it is quite likely that it will become of great importance in this new arc, because with her extensive knowledge and the power she once had as the former Empress of Amazon Lily, she could be of great help to both Luffy and Boa Hancock, supporting them in the events to come.