One Piece Reveals Shocking Assassination Order

A play revealed a shocking assassination order with the new chapter in the series! The final battles across Onigashima have been settled in their respective ways with some very notable wins and losses in the later chapters of the series, so now all that’s left to do is settle the fight between Luffy and Kaido at the top. of the Skull Dome. . As the Wa Land arc continues to its climax, there is so much pressure on Luffy’s shoulders to succeed that he is giving everything he has to earn this victory. But now there is an unexpected key to this plan.

It’s been teased many times throughout the series that Luffy might be much more special than just for his potential to become the Pirate King, as little clues to the Void Century and the world’s past have made some very curious connections. With Luffy now very close to potentially overthrowing Kaido at the end of this war, it seems like he’s become a more dangerous figure than ever. The one the Five World Government Elders considered such a threat that he should be assassinated as soon as possible.

(Photo: Shueisha)

It was revealed during the Reverie arc that Luffy’s antics during the events of Whole Cake Island saw him labeled as the “Fifth Emperor”, but the juiciest teases came from this look at the government. himself. Luffy was considered a notorious target of the mysterious king now sitting on the throne at the center of the world, not to mention that mysterious giant straw hat he also shares a bond with. As the fight with Kaido continues in Chapter 1041 of the series, Luffy’s importance becomes all the more tangible.

CP0 has snuck all over the island and sees them contacted with a new edict from the Five Elders. They need to eliminate Luffy immediately, and while it’s an impossible task considering his current fight with Kaido, they want to eliminate him from the equation to avoid the worst case scenario. They don’t mention what it is, but note that it is “rumors and hearsay”. This raises all sorts of questions about what it means for Luffy if he manages to win, and what it will mean for the rest of the open seas.

If he’s considered a problem by the government now, even after years of much worse, it really shows how important this final fight on Wano really is. And Luffy really needs to win this fight at all costs. But what do you think? What does Luffy’s assassination order mean for his future? Do you think he’ll make it out of Wano alive? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!