One Piece reveals that this character is still alive

Robin has been very happy with this revelation.

One Piece has more than two decades behind it, so the success of the manga and anime created by Eiichiro Oda also derives from the fact that the mangaka is able to surprise your readers in various ways, leading to Luffy and his crew’s journey across the Grand Line being shrouded in all kinds of script twists.

Under this premise, it must be said that, unlike other franchises like Dragon Ball, there is no return from deathwhich is why knowing if a character is alive or not is something that keeps many fans in suspensebeing so that the recent chapter of One Piece has shown us that a character we thought was dead is notthereby giving rise to what comes next being a spoiler.

This revelation has been a great joy for one of the Straw Hat crew members.

One Piece offers great detail of the Vegapunk clones

One Piece offers great detail of the Vegapunk clones

In this way, the recent chapter of One Piece has revealed that saul is alivebeing that the old vice admiral did not die during the events of Buster Call as characters like Robin thought, being so that this managed to survive the explosion and went on to protect the remains of Ohara, this being something that has been revealed by doctor Vegapunk himself.

Of course, it must be said that this scientist has confirmed that Saul was seriously injured in the attack, giving rise to a flashback of the giant wrapped in bandages. In this way, you can already imagine what Robin’s reaction was when he learned this information, which has given rise to One of the most emotional moments of One Piece in recent years.

For the rest, One Piece continues in its advance of the final arc, while one of the great recent revelations is that of the real appearance of doctor Vegapunkreminding this of a very famous scientist in history.

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