One Piece reveals the awakening of a powerful new devil fruit

The mysteries around these elements are revealed.

Luffy is the great protagonist of One Piece along with his crew

For years it has been possible to see how, despite being there since practically the beginning of the manga and anime, The Devil Fruits have been one of the great mysteries of One Pieceleading this to very little that we know and even reaching the point that Oda has said that his revelations would not come until the appearance of doctor Vega Punk in person.

Under this same premise, the recent arc of the series on Egghead Island has finally shown us the enigmatic scientist, thereby giving rise to this have many similarities with Einstein. However, what is relevant here comes from the fact that its appearance has given Confirmed a theory about the Devil Fruits in One Piece, which aims to also be the first of many.

Rob Lucci returns to the One Piece manga in an epic battle in which he shows the awakening of his Devil Fruit

In this way, the One Piece manga is not that it took too long to show us Luffy’s Gear Fifth once again, since it is being seen as it is being facing Rob Luccione of his great rivals, using the aforementioned transformation, while Lucci has not been asked to show a new transformation who has confirmed that Kaido would not have managed to achieve the awakening of his Devil Fruit

And it is that, after all, it can be seen that Lucci would have awakened the hidden power of his Devil Fruitcausing him to take the form of a cat-man and accompanied by the increase in strength, speed, among many other elements. Knowing all this, it remains to be seen how the fight ends, but until the next chapter is published at least, we will be in doubt.

Otherwise remember that One Piece releases a new chapter weeklybeing so it is quite likely that the mysteries of the franchise will be revealed as we get closer to its expected and epic end.