One Piece reveals the mystery of the devil’s fruits, their powers and the curse of the sea

Devil fruits, also called akuma no mi, are the reason why certain One Piece characters have special powers or abilities. If Luffy is a rubber man it is because when he was a child he ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi (Goma Goma Fruit). In return, all users of these fruits share the same Achilles heel: sea water. They cannot swim and lose all their strength upon contact with the ocean. Is about one of the great ironies of the series. The would-be King of the Pirates can’t touch the water. One of the great ironies… and one of the great mysteries. Where do these fruits come from and what is their relationship with the sea? Well, to those two unknowns, One Piece chapter 1069 has responded.

In 2007, more than 15 years ago (15!), Eiichiro Oda was asked the following question about the One Piece Devil Fruits. At one point in the manga, Usopp says that no two people have the same power in the world. However, this does not make sense. If the Gomu Gomu no Mi and its powers were in the book of devil fruits before Luffy ate it, that means that he must have eaten at least the second copy of said fruit. Someone had to have it before for its characteristics to be registered.

A most perceptive question, as the mangaka admitted. “A very clever observation. But it doesn’t mean there is something wrong. But let me clarify something, no one has the same power AT THE SAME TIME. In any case, for more details, you will have to wait for certain teacher make an appearance in the story to explain what exactly are devil fruits”. Although in recent years we had seen several fruits reappear once the previous bearer of it died, we did not have many more answers. Or so it was until Vegapunk appeared…

devil fruits akuma no mi one piece

The well-known marine scientist is the mysterious professor that Oda already had in mind 15 years ago (we talk here about him and his resemblance to Pain and Voldemort). It is Vegapunk who answers our question in chapter 1069, called “All things are born in this world because they are desired”. The title says it all. According to Vegapunk, “devil fruits are the potential of human evolution that someone wished for. “I wish this were like this, I wish that was this way…”. Some of people’s wishes and dreams came true and took shape through the akuma no mi.

Vegapunk also confirms that Luffy’s fruit is not the Gomu Gomu no Mi. As revealed in the Wano arc, his fruit is actually the Hito Hito (Persona Persona), and the wish behind it is to make people happy, to bring smiles and joy to everyone and free anyone who is subjected. “As long as people still have hope, will never completely go away”.

devil fruits akuma no mi one piece

However, what is the revenge of the sea? According to Vegapunk, these desires are unnatural and, pissed off by their mere existence, “Mother Nature hated their bearers and imposed on them a punishment because they were people who lived in a completely different world; a world that someone imagined”. Like Archimedes with his “Eureka!”, the scientist concludes the explanation by shouting “That’s my theory!” and clears up a question that Goda already had in his head more than 15 years ago. The author has stepped on the accelerator and One Piece mysteries have started to fall one after another. Are you taking your idea seriously? finish the series in three years?

devil fruits akuma no mi one piece