One Piece reveals the names of Shanks the Redhead’s crew

Finally, we meet the entire crew of Monkey D. Luffy’s amazing brother.

Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, finally shares with us the official names of the crew of Shanks, the redhead, unleashing a wave of reflections and laughter from the fans.. As we get closer to the end of this book, we discover more of the secrets that this incredible world of pirates hides. In this case, about Monkey D. Luffy’s mysterious older brother and his nakamas.

In the SBS (Shitsumon or Boshu Suru) of One Piece, the section in which Eiichiro Oda resolves doubts from his fans, finally revealed the official names of several of the Red Hair Pirates, who until now had been a mystery to his fans.. This event adds to the already known list of revelations that this final stage of the franchise is having.

A user of Twitter, called @newworldartur, posted a picture of the SBS (Shitsumon or Boshu Suru) from One Piece. Like everything in the iconic pirate series, the names are unique, as is the case with Limejuice or Howling Gab. The reactions towards the witty names, especially Bonk Punch, have been positive, but, above all, there has been speculation about the relationship of the names of the characters with the fighting styles they will have. In the comments of the NewWorldArtur tweet you can see how the One Piece fandom has welcomed these revelations:

Imagine what One Piece would be like as a pixel art video game and you’re going to want to play it

The crew of Shanks the Redhead from One Piece

Regarding Oda’s reveal of the official names of the Red Haired Pirates from One Piece. The full crew list is:

  • Shanks
  • Benn Beckman
  • Lucky Roux
  • Yasopp
  • Limejuice
  • Bonk Punch
  • Monster
  • Building Snake
  • Hongou
  • Howling Gab
  • Rockstar

This whole One Piece reveal started with a reader’s question: “Among the members of the crew of the Red Haired Pirates we know the names of Lucky Roux, BennBeckman, Yasopp and Rockstar, could you tell us the names of the rest?”

To this question about One Piece, Eiichiro Oda replied as follows: “Including those under your umbrella, the Red Haired Pirates are a large group. There are those who appear with a “DON” in warfare and those who have become executives / officers.. Everyone knows Luffy. “

shanks one piece piratas

Shanks, leader of the Red Haired Pirates from One Piece

In addition to this announcement, there have been other great news for this fandom such as the first teaser for the upcoming movie, One Piece Film: Red, is now available online. This new film focuses on the captain of the Red Hair Pirates, Luffy’s inspiration, Shanks, along with a novel female character.. Netflix has recently confirmed who will be the cast members of this live-action adaptation of One Piece: Iñaki Godoy, as Luffy; Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro; Emiliy Rudd as Nami; Jacob Romero Gbson as Usopp; and Taz Skylar as Sanji.

Regarding the manga series of Oda, One Piece, we know that it was published for the first time in the Weekly Shonen Jump de Shueisha, on July 22, 1997, and has produced 101 volumes of content so far. In fact, you can start reading its most recent chapters online for free.

Toei Animation’s anime adaptation of One Piece premiered on October 20, 1999, and has continued for more than 20 years, with the 1,000th episode airing earlier this year on November 20. One Piece talks about Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate whose body is made of rubber from eating a devil fruit., or, the Gomu Gomu fruit. With his characteristic Straw Hat, Luffy is the main protagonist of the series and manga. Known for his irresponsible demeanor, he has a dream of becoming the next King of the Pirates as he and his crew venture up the Great Line in search of the titular treasure.

Thanks to the notable success of the franchise, it has positioned itself as a benchmark in the anime / manga industry and an icon of Japanese pop culture. In addition to having inspired countless light novels, video games and even clothing collaborationsOne Piece has sold more than 490 million copies of the manga around the world and possibly surpasses the sales of the Batman and Harry Potter comics.

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