One Piece reveals the true power of the last ancient weapon

An attack from the sky completely destroys an island.

One Piece is getting closer to its final stretch every dayleading this little by little to the outcome of the adventure of Luffy and his crew is closer, especially knowing that the Navy and the World Government are preparing with all kinds of secret weapons to use against the pirates despite that the latter do not finish finishing off the task.

Be that as it may, the truth is that one of the elements present in One Piece throughout all this time has been that of the ancestral weapons, receiving these names of planets or Roman gods (depending on how you see it) and already being a revelation that there is a total of three in the whole world of One Piecethis being quite dangerous knowing that they are massive destruction weapons. And under this same premise, although Uranus was a mystery, it could have been revealed.

Uranus will be the weapon that the World Government would use to wipe entire countries off the map

One Piece is one of the best works in the world, given its interesting plot

One Piece is one of the best works in the world, given its interesting plot

This information has been known in chapter 1060 of the manga, which shows us that one of these weapons, which were used 800 years before the present events, could be in the hands of the World Governmentsince in this same chapter, trying to flee from a great danger, it has been seen that Sabo contacted the Revolutionary Army, this communication being intercepted by the marines. After this, it is revealed that Lulusia, the island where she was, saw its sky darken, followed by a ray of light that completely destroyed the country.

It should be noted that at no time is it seen to cause this destruction, although Everything indicates that it is Uranus. This can be seen because the ancient weapons are connected to the god on which they base their name, examples of which can be seen in Poseidon, who rules over the seas, and Pluto, which in this case is underground. Being Uranus the god of the sky, it would not be unreasonable to think that this weapon would attack from the clouds.

Be that as it may, it seems that the destructive power of this weapon is enormous, being in doubt if Luffy and his people will be able to stop the World Government with such power. We will have to find out in future episodes of the manga.

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