One Piece reveals the truth behind Dr. Vegapunk

And… it’s more interesting than we thought…

**One Piece chapter 1062 had promised to reveal several of the secrets** of Dr. VegaPunk and it seems that Eiichiro Oda has more than complied. Before continuing, it is worth mentioning that this article will contain spoilers, if you don’t want to ruin your experiencecome back after reading the latest chapters available on MangaPlus by Shueisha. In addition, we will include several of the important details of the manga.

We had already recently had indications that the empty century would cease to be a mystery for fans in One Piece chapter 1062. However, this one starts with everything. While a mysterious robot saves the crew before they sink to the bottom of the sea. The giant robot takes the Thousand Sunny along with the Straw Hat Pirates to land, where a female figure claiming to be Dr. Vegapunk appears before them.

one piece 1062

In One Piece chapter 1062, we see how Dr. Vegapunk reveals the truth behind her identity.

Franky especially expresses his joy at meeting the renowned doctor, indicating how much respect he has for her inventions. Meanwhile, Usopp and Brook continue to gaze in wonder at the giant robot, and Sanji is beyond elated to discover that the famous doctor is a woman. Robin, however, is quick to find something wrong with the situation.. These pirates don’t remember hearing anything about Dr. Vegapunk being a woman. She also comments on the fact that her youthful appearance does not match the doctor’s long history of activity.

Now, Dr. Vegapunk justifies this situation. That title apparently belongs to the main body, and she is, in fact, Punk-02. She then re-introduces herself as Dr. Vegapunk Lilith, The Evil. His main problem seems to be a lack of research funds, so he tells the Straw Hats to hand over their valuables.

At that moment in One Piece 1062, Lilith receives a call, referring to the person on the other end of the line as Shaka. Shaka scolds Lilith for her plundering habits, while also warning her of the danger she is unwittingly causing. This character warns her not to offend the pirates, especially since they can easily eliminate her. Lilith realizes her mistake and is on her guard. Zoro takes the opportunity of her to tell him the new demands of her. Listening to the flow of their conversation, Punk-01, Shaka The Good, tells Lilith to bring them, as he himself is interested in the Straw Hat Pirates..

one piece 1062

In One Piece 1062, we see how Dr. Vegapunk’s technology has been used and its consequences.

One Piece 1062 reveals the truth about Dr. VegaPunk

Switching to Luffy and Bonney’s side, Bonney confesses to visiting Egghead in the past. According to her, Egghead is nothing more than an ordinary lab during his childhood years. The only reason she has returned to the futuristic island is to get answers from Dr. Vegapunk. The famous doctor allegedly turned his father into a cyborg and lost his humanity and sense of self as a result., becoming nothing more than a weapon. As Bonney says this, a panel implies that her father is none other than former warlord Bartholomew Kuma.

one piece 1062

One Piece 1062 shows us the technological and horror-filled world that this group of scientists has created.

Luffy’s group returns to the surface after their brief conversation. What greets them is a city full of robots, flying objects and even a space monster. Luffy can’t contain his excitement and immediately goes to explore the place. As the group continues to explore the wonders of technology, Jimbei discovers something. The temperature at your current location is much warmer than the temperature of the sea breeze. Then another Dr. Vegapunk shows up to explain the science behind it. This time, he is a gigantic sheep-like being. According to them, the Island AC they have created is responsible for keeping the temperature at a desirable level. They get so angry that they hit the hologram with their light pressure gloves. After their speech, they finally introduce themselves as Punk-06, Atlas.

In the New World, the CP0 is talking about his next mission. Lucci asks Stussy and Kaku to report it. Kaku explains that Dr. Vegapunk is a genius through and through, so much so that he doesn’t have time to execute all of his plans. As such, he is divided into six different people. The six satellites in Egghead make up Dr. Vegapunk, and the goal of the CP0 is to eliminate them all and return Kuma to Egghead..