One Piece reveals the truth of Buggy’s new Yonko

Nothing less was expected of this controversial character.

The news revelations that have been happening about the new Cross Guild association and about the Buggy title have really been of great impact as the fans expected, because these have given much to talk about.

Buggy’s Yonko title has taken over surprise to all lovers of this worksince this character He has not stood out in the series for being a fearsome villain or having an enviable strengthbut for his occurrences and his strokes of luck, with which he has achieved make your way through the new world.

Recently, One Piece has revealed all the truth about the new title of Buggy. Next, we tell you the details.

This post contains spoilers for chapter #1058 of the One Piece manga.

What is the truth about the title that Buggy currently holds?

Buggy has taken all the credit for a terrible mistake

Buggy has taken all the credit for a terrible mistake

Without a doubt, Buggy has had a great relevance in the plot of this seriesdue to the countless occasions on which he has screwed up significantly to make a name for himself in the new world, because this character may seem silly, but deep down he is very cunning and opportunistic.

In the most recent chapters of the manga, it can be seen how Buggy has obtained a new reward and the title as a Yonkosurprising the other pirates, including Luffy’s crew, as rumors had spread that he had created a new organization where he had under his command Dracule Mihawk and Sir Crocodiletwo former Shichibukai and fearsome pirates.

This ad created a big commotionwell no one explained how these two powerful villains would be under the orders of Buggy, being this a fool.

However, everything seems to indicate that this incident is due to a horrible mistake by the world government, since in the manga chapter #1058 has been revealed all the truth about these facts and how the cross guild was formed.

The beginning of this association occurred after the world government dispensed with the services of the Shichibukai, dissolving this organization and hunting these piratesso to Crocodile comes up with the idea of ​​joining forces with Mihawk.since both were fugitives and were being sought for the same purpose.

crocodile decides fetch buggysince this owes a good sum of money with which he can finance the new organization that he has just created together with Mihawk. However, this clown has no way to pay the former Shichibukai, so, to avoid his death, he comes up with the brilliant idea of ​​joining them and putting his availability of all resources owned by Buggy’s Deliveries, especially the Marketing department.

The confusion about this is in the time to print the posters with the faces of the heads of this organizationbecause Buggy’s employees respect him too much and decided place the clown’s face in the center of the ad and that of Crocodile and Mihawk on the sides, implying that was in full command of the Cross Guild.

The world government seeing these ads misunderstood the situation and taking into account how dangerous Mihawk and Crocodile are, they assumed that to be under Buggy’s orders he should still be scarier than themso they decided grant him a new reward and the title of Emperor of the Sea.

How would it help Mihawk and Crocodile if Buggy gets all the credit?

The fact that Buggy is the main face of the Cross Guild greatly benefits Mihawk and Crocodile, as they can run this organization from the shadows.

The fact that Buggy is the main image of the Cross Guild greatly benefits Mihawk and Crocodile, as they can run this organization from the shadows.

The facts that have been related to Buggy, have bestowed enormous fame to this pirate, as is the confusion of Impel Down, where the navy accused him of being the Intelectual author from the escape that occurred in this prison, since then this pirate has been gaining a reputation of being a dangerous subject in the eyes of the world government.

Also, there is also the fact that this belonged to the crew of Gol D. Roger, further raising his reputation. These details have become suitable for Mihawk and Crocodilewell thanks to Buggy getting all the attention regarding the founding of this association and his title of Emperor of the Sea, he takes away a tremendous pressure from above.

Buggy, being the center of attention of the world government, must carry all the weight and pressure that will be exerted these from now on, taking responsibilities away from the true creators of the Cross Guildand giving them a great advantage of acting from the shadows.

In this way, it is a great help for these former Shichibukai, running the organization from the shadows and having Buggy be the one fully suffer the repercussions by the world government.

What exploits has Buggy, the clown pirate, starred in?

Buggy has become one of the four Emperors of the Sea and his bounty has risen overwhelmingly

Buggy has become one of the four Emperors of the Sea and his bounty has risen overwhelmingly

East charismatic villain has become a striking character in One Piece for his clumsiness and occurrence, adding a humorous touch to the work of Eiichiro Oda, becoming one of those antagonists that is easy to love.

Buggy in his childhood was part of the crew of Gol D. Roger, along with the redhead, learning from this incredible pirate. Also, this character pretended to be sick to avoid going to the discovery of One Pieceso he and Shanks could not be present in the discovery of this “great treasure”, since his friend took care of him at that time.

In the Marineford events it was great help, since he helped Luffy on several occasions, he even returned the Straw Hat that Shanks gave him, since he still could not give it to him. After these events it became one of the Shichibukaia group of pirates who once worked for the world government, carving out a great reputation in the new world.

Without a doubt, the feat The most remarkable thing that Buggy has had has been by mistakeas it has become one of the four sea emperors due to a confusion by the world government, which aside from that has raised this pirate’s bounty to 3,189,000,000 berriesrubbing shoulders with the best in the world.