One Piece reveals what will be the salvation for Luffy and it will surprise you

Luffy falls into the water after fighting Kaido, but Momonosuke knows that he will be able to return to fight his enemy.

Luffy, as the user of one of the most impressive powers of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, or rather the Devil Fruit that happened to be the Hito Hito No Mi, Model: Nika, this transformation was quite important to the fate of the character. said fruit gave him some impressive powers through the “Gears” or “Marches” that, as the series progressed, were unleashed at different times and demonstrated what the Straw Hat Pirate he was able to do.

recently in one piece, during the Wano Arc, we saw how the Fifth gear took over the rubber character, giving him not only a cartoonish and curious appearance (very similar to the Sun God Nika, by the way), but also revealed that his powers could shape the reality around him. The latter was of special interest considering that among the pirates there are many interests involved and his conflict with Kaido was not new.

Before accessing that awesome force, Luffy seemed to turn pale from Kaido’s attacks.and prior to imminent failure, luffy he managed to access his most powerful state known. And that, in fact, we still do not know for sure how far it can go. What does imply one of the most interesting advantages of the new Luffy is that his body has become so malleable that his blows will not inflict enough damage on him to be defeated.

So as you can see, Luffy is more than ready to face his worst enemy: Kaido..

The conflict between Kaido and Luffy has an unexpected outcome for the Emperor of Evil


Momonosuke reports the truth about Luffy.

To get down to business, in One Piece chapter #1015, Luffy is in big trouble after a battle with Kaido, because in the previous chapter, he was thrown from the top of Onigashima and fell into the sea, victim of Kaido’s terrible blows. This scene made it clear that although Luffy was in his prime, perhaps not enough to master his Haki.

So that, luffy He had to be rescued from the sea for two reasons: the weakness caused by the beating, and, mainly, the inability to swim that Devil Fruit users are characterized by. But there was no one around who could save him from drowning. And just when the Pirate was about to give up, Momonosuke confirms that the Captain has been able to get out by himself to finish what he started with the Emperor of the Sea and that he is ready to return to the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Kaido was celebrating his feat and reminding the alliance of his cruel fate. He announced to all of Onigashima that, finally, Luffy, the great Straw Hat, was out of the game. Which was later denied by Momonosuke, who manages to inspire his companions through telling Luffy’s adventures.

Momonosuke was even reporting all the important details of the match, thanks to his ability to perceive Luffy’s emotions -through the Voice of All Things-. So the assault alliance was aware of what was coming and, in a moment, Luffy was able to communicate to him under the ocean floor that he will defeat Kaido.


Luffy can communicate underwater.

So what happened after this big reveal? After Momonosuke listened to Luffy, the Heart Pirates were able to see the Captain’s silhouette under the water. The first question that crossed their minds was how luffy can talk underwaterwhich means that this is why it is heard through the Voice of All Things.

And although this indication of Luffy’s return is quite important, it is still impressive that have found a way to overcome their main weakness. In addition, for the Heart Pirates it represents a great hope, since they considered everything lost, despite their elaborate ambush.

On the other hand, after the fight between the Beast Pirates and the alliance, Law decided to send the Heart Pirates to Onigashima to take seven of the nine Akayaza as part of the plan to defeat their rivals. And these would have to be positioned at the rear of the island to prevent other unwanted crew members from disembarking and hindering the offensive.

Here it is worth clarifying one thing, and that is that if the samurai allowed the captain to fight against Kaido, it was because the rubble of the island did not allow them to access the superficial part. Curiously, the Heart Pirates were not seen after Chapter #977 after Kaido picked up Onigashima with his Devil Fruit powers, however, this proves that the ambush against the Evil Emperor was thought out very carefully so that Luffy would have a backup.