One Piece reveals why Kurozumi’s insult is so controversial

It ends the controversy for a moment of chapter 1048.

Knowing that the One Piece RED movie is a commercial success and with the completion of the Wano arc, it is obvious to think that Eiichiro Oda’s work is on the crest of the wave, even though it has been seen as , despite its two decades, One Piece is far from exhausting its energy.

And despite this, it must be said that the closing of the current arch has not been exempt from controversy and controversy, even though the fact that Yamato has finally not joined the Straw Hats crew It has felt very bad within a sector of the community. And despite this, it seems that another topic of debate is the insult that has been launched against the Kurozomi.

Hiyori’s message seems to hide more than one reference

One of the main characters of One Piece has disappeared

One of the main characters of One Piece has disappeared

To put in context, it must be said that the Wano arc has shown us the Kurozumi clan as the traitors who overthrew the Kozuki clan along with Kaido, being so that this last group had their revenge 20 years later with the help of Luffy and company. Given this, it must be said that with the beheading of Orochi Kurozumi we could see how he, with the last of his strength, cursed the Kozuki.

Given this, Hiyori ended up pronouncing a phrase that has given for many debates, since she said that Kurozumi was born to burn. All this happened in chapter 1048, even though this was a play on words because the translation of the name of the clan is black coal. That said, while these words could have been taken as something very sinister, it seems that it has been revealed that they were actually intended to dispel the curse pronounced by Orochi.

This also seems to have been done as a reference to the fact that Oden was boiled to death for the good of his people, marking there the difference between both clans. And it is by this method that a debate that has given much to talk about is ended, being something quite common if we take into account that the truth behind the appointment of Buggy as Emperor of the Sea has also been revealed.

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