One Piece reveals why Queen really hates Sanji

In the final arc of One Piece there has been one of the most incredible evolutions of power. The Wano Country Bow has taken The Straw Hat Pirates to a new level of power never before seen, but one of the most evolved pirates so far has been Sanji, the crew’s cook. During their fight against Queen, one of the most powerful beasts under Kaido’s command, it has been revealed that their relationship transcends many years in the past..

While Zoro continues to fight King, it will be up to Sanji to annihilate Queen, who has a grudge with the Vinsmoke, the family of this incredible cook. At the start of this fight in One Piece, This pirate had decided not to use his Germa 66 suit, thus rejecting his family ties and, instead, use all the power that his new body possesses (although he does not know the limits that can be broken in it).

Even though at the start of the fight, it seemed like Sanji could easily take on the power of Queen, in the Chapter 1034 from One Piece something happened that our dear cook did not expect. This powerful beast under the command of Kaido began to use powerful techniques that resembled those of his Germa brothers.

In One Piece chapter 1034, Queen reproachfully yells at Sanji: “I have fully investigated Germa’s science! I can replicate your techniques and those of your brothers !! ”. Given this, the cook’s anger grows and he reproaches him for stopping comparing him with that family, with which he has no relationship or affiliation.

In this same chapter of One Piece, this powerful beast confesses that he wanted Sanji to use his special suit to be able to defeat him with his techniques and, in this way, “demonstrate his superiority to him and his entire family.”. In his own words: “If I had beaten you up in your suit, I would have shown Judge that I… am way above him as a scientist !!

one piece 1034 sanji queen

The real feud between Queen and Sanji had been a competition between that beast pirate and Judge Vinsmoke to prove who was the best scientist., to have defeated him using his most powerful suit would have meant the absolute victory of Queen against his antagonist of years.

Unfortunately for him, Sanji has left any relationship with his family, as he has mentioned several times in One Piece.

Sanji manages to defeat Queen in One Piece

In this chapter of One Piece, Queen decided to use as a last resort her version of Sanji’s Stealth Black, the powerful technique she had obtained thanks to Germa 66’s technology.. This suit allowed, among many other things, to increase his muscle capacity, his speed, and even make him invisible in the eyes of his powerful villains. It seemed like everything was turning in Queen’s favor.

However, this does not seem to have created the least bit of fear for the Straw Hat Pirates cook who manages to escape at high speed from any possible attack, thanks to his “High Speed ​​Movement”. Queen, for her part, seemed to be waiting for the moment when this cook lost consciousness or his energy dropped enough to be able to attack him by surprise. But, his luck was not what he expected.

sanji queen fight

While Queen seemed to be unnoticeable thanks to the Stealth Black, one of the girls in the room distracts him enough to break his trick.. Queen’s jealousy of O-Some’s attention in One Piece was the final piece needed for her defeat. This oversight was used by Sanji to execute his final attack.

Also, at that moment, Sanji realized that he was the one who had attacked one of the girls while she was unconscious. He had used his Stealth Black to be able to attack the girls who had accused him of molesting them. In this way, infused with all the fury he felt at having thought his code of honor had been broken, this One Piece cook infuses his body with the haki he has been preparing for a long time for a flaming kick with which he achieves finally take down this villain.

one piece 1034 sanji queen