One Piece reveals Zoro and Mihawk’s new rewards in chapter 1058

There will be other spoilers in this article…

Eiichiro Oda’s play One Piece took a big break before continuing into the final arc and it looks like the chapter 1058 leaks show that it was worth the wait. This article will contain spoilers, if you don’t want to spoil your experience.come back after you have read that chapter in the online service of MangaPlus by Shueisha. After Luffy’s departure beyond Wano, we continue the journey for Gol D. Rojer’s treasure.

The One Piece community was shocked after learning that Mihawk had joined Buggy’s team. Well, fans can now stop calling Mihawk a “fraud” since he isn’t working for the famous Clown after all. Besides that, the chapter confirms that Mihawk has a bounty of 3.59 billion berries for his head. This may be due to his long history, in fact Mihawk was once called “Marine Hunter”, so let’s say he killed several Marines in the past (that explains his impressive bounty).

one piece buggy cross guild

Dracule Mihawk and Sir Crocodile are the two most powerful pirates in the Cross Guild crew in One Piece.

At the same time, Luffy and Sanji have bounties of 1.101 million and 1.032 million berries, respectively. However, the most surprising revelation of the chapter is definitely Buggy’s 3.189 billion berry bounty. Of course, such a high bounty on Buggy’s head could be another mistake by the Marines; regardless, it’s shocking to see the Clown sitting close to Mihawk in terms of reward. In reality, Buggy is in big trouble because he owes someone a huge debt, but for now we don’t know who this mysterious person is.

Another important revelation of this chapter is that Buggy is not the leader of the Cross Guild, he is one of the new emperors because of a mistake by the Navy. This seems to lead one to think that the mastermind of this new crew could be Mihawk or Crocodile. – At the end of the chapter, the Revolutionary Army receives a call…”It’s me, Sabo!!”, so this character could come back.

In fact, it is announced that Crocodile was the founder of the Cross Guild. Mihawk received an invitation to join and accepted it and since Buggy’s face was in the middle, the Marines thought that Buggy is the leader of the guild. Chapter 1058 is still a few days away from its official release, but as usual, Reddit is already inundated with some early leaks of the next chapter. Previously, Oda had us believe that Buggy The Clown leads the Cross Guild, and that Mihawk and Crocodile work for him. Well, that was not the case, and the author misled fans into believing the same thing.

This changes everything we knew about the Cross Guild in One Piece.

Until now, we thought that the Cross Guild was a new organization created by Yonko Buggy and its role in the story is very important. With the fall of two of the Four Emperors that we knew until the Wano arc (Kaido and Big Mom), it was a fact that the balance of power in the New World would begin to change. In One Piece 1056, it was finally revealed that now a completely new organization has been established: Cross Guild, Buggy’s crew. However, we now know that this was in fact a Navy mistake, and in reality the captain of this crew is Crocodile.

While not everything about it has been revealed yet, its existence has sent a series of revelations for the New World and greatly changed the balance of power in the One Piece world. Just Mihawk is one of the former Shichibukai who fought against the Marines after the dissolution of the system.. This warrior is widely recognized as one of the world’s strongest characters in the entire franchise and is arguably the strongest member of the Cross Guild. In the past, he was a rival to Shanks and, while not necessarily as strong as the Yonko, his influence and pedigree are immense.

one piece buggy cross guild

One Piece has revealed the Cross Guild crew, Buggy as one more pirate, Sir Crocodile as the captain of the crew, and Dracule Mihawk under his command.

For its part, Crocodile stopped being a Shichibukai after Luffy defeated him during the Alabasta arc.. After defeating him, he was locked in Level 6 Impel Down. During the great prison break led by Luffy shortly before the Paramount War, Crocodile. Since then, he is most likely growing in both power and influence, and currently, he is most likely one of the strongest pirates in the New World. It looks like this will be the strongest crew that Luffy will have to face.