One Piece Review No. 101 and 102 | A manga more than a hundred years old

It is a bit strange to write another introduction for a series that already calls itself a hundred years old in Spain. It seems like yesterday when he started our adventure together with Eiichiro Oda and his mugiwaraBut it’s been 25 years now. A few fewer do talk about the first anime episode on the peninsula or the official license, but it doesn’t matter. What really makes me excited is to be able to tell you “hey, here is our review of one piece No. 101 and No. 102».

When I entered the newsroom I saw it as impossible, although that reality has become so strong that today I can proudly say that I am at the helm of a ship full of dreams and hopes. Yeah, I’ve gotten a little nostalgic, but it is to speak of one piece is to talk about something different. It does not matter that it is not my favorite series, since it has something unique. Is special.

Even more so if we remember again that we have already exceeded one hundred volumes in Spain and that, in addition, Comic Planet has confirmed that it will reissue the series in 3×1 format. Without a doubt, a brutal piece of news with which to head our review. That said, since I don’t want to beat around the bush too much, I’m going to the crux of the matter. So let’s start with the reviews.

review of one piece no. 101 and 102 | Cover, synopsis and edition

Synopsis #101

Convinced that Luffy will return to the battlefield and defeat Kaido, his comrades continue the fight against the lieutenants of the crew of the Hundred Beasts pirate gang! Meanwhile, at the Onigashima dome, Yamato tries to make his father pay for everything he did to her.

Synopsis #102

The king of pirates, it will be him! Fully recovered, Luffy sets out again to face Kaido! What will be the outcome of the climactic battle between these two incredible opponents? Meanwhile, in various locations on the island of Onigashima, the fierce battles waged by the Straw Hat comrades against the large pirate gang of the Hundred Beasts come to an end. The Wano arc is in full swing! Luffy’s adventures in search of One Piece continue!

Volume 101 | Volume 102
Publication date 09/14/2022 | 11/30/2022
Format 4.5″ x 7″
ink Integrated in b/w. (192 pages both)
Presentation Rustic without flaps with s/cub
Frequency Quarterly
Price €7.95
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It is impossible to head this section with a mention of volumes #99, #100 and #101, since the three of them have composed a unified cover to celebrate, precisely, the hundred. Already in #102 this dynamic goes out, but it’s something nice. As much or more than the edition we are enjoying. Yes, I say it even knowing that one piece it suffers from day one due to the ‘fault’ of the original format.

Let us remember, then, that the series has been with us for years and that at that time things were very different. This is something that continues to drag, but that gives it a certain charm. We like it, no more. As we also like the work that they are doing from Daruma, with Ayako Koike at the helm in this case, with the translation.

Once again, the language adaptation has perfectly met our expectations. It is the usual, everything is said, since Comic Planet usually does a great job in that sense. It is not the only one, because the layout is again very resolved. In general, it works very well apart from a small cut on the occasional outer edge. Other than that, it’s a quality product..

Wano: Momosuke’s growth and the importance of mugiwara

And speaking of quality, another “impossible” that we have found has its own name: Eiichiro Oda. At this point in the film nothing should surprise us, but he continues to do so. The Japanese has a gift for creating stories and Wano… Okay, I’ve said this several times, but I’ll repeat it: Wano is being one of the best arcs in the history of one piece. Its biggest flaw is that it is confusing, this being almost a dogma in the Oda wars.

As much as he mangaka try to clarify everything, the warlike chaos usually takes over these sagas. Consequently, it is somewhat complex to follow, although this time it has improved compared to previous contests. Otherwise, one piece is in an incredible moment. During volume #101 we witness some of the hardest moments of the confrontation, but it is in #102 where they end up breaking us.

With Momosuke having assumed his dragon form after making certain sacrifices, it seems that the situation has turned around. Luffy, completely devoted to confronting him, delegates one of the most important missions in the entire saga to him. It’s more, in the hands of the daimyo (or daimyo) of Wano are now the lives of all his ‘subjects’.

review of one piece #101 and 102: conclusions

One Piece 101 Review
One Piece Review No. 101 and 102 | A manga more than a hundred years old

Luffy is perfectly fine with it, but he once again demonstrates blind and absolute faith in his companions. Momosuke is one of his own and is aware of what his capabilities are, so he does not hesitate in the slightest. Meanwhile, Law and Kid continue with their particular duel with Big Mom.. Both are in a difficult situation, but the yonko it’s not in a much better situation. The power of The Four Emperors is brutal, but not absolute, and the new generation is made of a different material.

Meanwhile, Zoro continues with his particular duel with King, the most powerful and capable fighter of Kaido’s Beast Pirates. He is not the only one, because Sanji continues his fight against Jack. Both combats are the main protagonists of volume #102, as they highlight the evolution of the two characters. Sanji carries on with his family ‘drama’, wanting to give up his ‘legacy’, but being aware of what he could gain if he accepted that part of his person.

Meanwhile, Zoro continues to face an obstacle that seems invincible, but proving why he is one of the most powerful swordsmen in the world and Luffy’s ‘right hand’. He’s the only one who could stand up to King and reveal the great mysteries that are hidden behind his mask

With all that in mind, the last two published volumes of one piece They come to remind us of the great quality of Ode as a narrator and his excellent ability to handle several events simultaneously. Without further ado, it continues to be that “different and special” manda with which so many of us have grown up.

One Piece 101 Review
One Piece 101 Review
  • The drawing is still amazing.
  • The editing and translation are very remarkable.
  • The narrative rhythm of its author, the great moments and the development.
  • The fights are from another world.
  • His great ability to maintain several simultaneous plot threads.
One Piece 101 Review
  • Chaos remains a constant.

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