One Piece: Sanji’s 6 great fights where he has been victorious

Despite being one of the strongest One Piece characters in the Straw Hat gang, it seems that Sanji hasn’t had that many victories.

Sanji’s combats where he has managed to win

When it comes time to talk about sleeves, there is always a style that usually attracts a lot of attention and we owe that entirely to the influence of Dragon Ball in the medium and some works of that time. Fighting within Japanese art is something that has always attracted attention and the fact of seeing how our favorite characters are improving and ending with major threats, usually gives great satisfaction to the reader, seeking to see what will be next.

Today we have to deal with clear generational heir to the work of Akira Toriyamto: One Piece. Basically, from the moment Eiichiro Oda’s manga came out, it has been possible to verify that fighting between pirates was something quite common to be able to get hold of. the power of certain things or solving problems. For this occasion we have to focus on a character who is very loved and who turns out to be one of the most powerful of the main band: Sanji.

watching carefully the passage of the character through the series we can find out that he is in the top 3 strongest characters in the main band. He is almost always placed in third place, for behind two beasts such as Luffy and Zoro, but it seems that this would take its toll on him, since he has not won as many fights as they have. We are going to treat all this with spoilersYou have been warned, so we begin with this review of Sanji’s combats So far where has he won?.

Sanji against Kuroobi, being part of one of the great moments of One Piece

For many fans of this manga the saga in which this combat takes place it was the real turning point where we realized things could get very serious. That moment when the whole gang goes to save Nami and each one faces off against its counterpart in the group of newts makes the whole thing wildly epic, along with Luffy and Nami’s hat moment.

Without a doubt, this is the first big fight that the band’s cook has, since what happened in the Baratie, saga where he would join the band, did not have as much crumb as what we saw here. Here Sanji really had a rival at the height that gave him a hard time, but with which he could measure himself and finish victorious so that his navigator was finally free.

One Piece - Sanji

Sanji against Bon Clay, a finishing touch for the cook in the Alabasta saga

Continuing with the comparisons of power, as it was not otherwise if Luffy faced Crocodile and Zoro faced Don 1º, the combat of the protagonist of this entry had to be with the next one, that is, Don 2º. we meet in a moment where the band already knew this character and had established a certain relationship with him he would consolidate Luffy in Impel Down Prison later on. Despite everything, this battle it had to be for sanji.

You have to think that our favorite cook is quite an old-fashioned character, very womanizing and perverted, so he did not seem to empathize much with cross-dressing men. However, after being a key piece for the Alabasta operation to work, Sanji perform a spectacular combat with Bon Clayboth using a very similar style and leaving one of the great battles of this saga.

One Piece - Sanji

Sanji against Jabra, a One Piece power up that many of us have loved

In the moment in which a series is being analyzed that has been going on for so long both in manga format as in anime format, there are many turning points in its plot. Here we have to make a stop for the Ennies Lobby saga, a moment in which, without a doubt, all the characters that made up the band made a quality leap in their skills, showing a rise in powervery much in the style of what had been seen so far in series like Dragon Ball.

This would be the moment when Luffy would start with his famous Gear to indicate the stages where their power grows. For our favorite cook it was not going to be different and following the trail of using French terms for his skills, Sanji would show the ability of Diable Jambe for the first time in combat against a government agent of CP9, a group of the most dangerous and prepared who mastered different techniques of Rokushiki, a kind of fighting art in the world of One Piece. without a doubt an awesome battle for character upgrade that remains decanted by this new power.

One Piece - Sanji

Sanji against Absalom, revenge for the frustrated dream

Leaving something quite subtle, Oda manages to let’s understand a little more the character of Sanji for these small details. Little by little it is seen that the cook is someone who is quite knowledgeable, not only when it comes to food, since he has a interesting knowledge about devil fruits. When they arrive at Thriller Bark and face Gecko Moria, our protagonist today makes an interesting reflection that would be linked to something from his future in the series: when he was little. read about devil fruits.

Basically, Sanji finds himself face to face with a member of Moria’s crew He possesses a Devil Fruit that makes him invisible. This is none other than Absalom, who kidnaps Nami to force him to marry her, something that Luffy’s cook is not going to accept and he will try to bust this lion-human-zombie since he has done two things that are very wrong for him: treat Nami badly and steal her dream of being invisible. In this way we know that Sanji had access to books quite difficult for a child to access, giving clues to his past that wasn’t very clear then.

One Piece - Sanji

Sanji against Luffy, the moment where the character gains greater depth

Thanks to the saga where all this takes place, the character of Sanji ends up becoming, perhaps, in the deepest and roundest of the whole band. This can be considered the character’s first major defeat after the “timeskip” since the rest of the battles he has fought have either been interrupted, are incomplete, or, although they have ended in victory, they have not tested the character so much. Yes, this last one goes for all those fights that took place on Fishman Island that were aired with a blow to show us the great power of the whole band after 2 years.

Here we find an uprising of Sanji, the one who was one of Luffy’s 2 great mensince we know everything about his past and our favorite cook just wants the Straw Hat gang to do well and not interfere too much against his entire family and the Yonko Big Mom. Luffy does not resist and suffers a monumental beating from Sanji, leaving him even without a tooth that I’d score him in this whole Whole Cake Island saga.

One Piece - Sanji

Sanji against Queen, the second man of the future King of the Pirates must measure up

Considering Zoro a rung above cook, one has to think that Sanji must live up to being the future second man in which the King of Pirates must fully trust. This has meant that during the Wano saga, both the swordsman and the cook had to face each other with each other. two more powerful characters that belonged to Kaidou’s crew and that they were not Yonkou himself. In this way, Sanji’s potential was greatly enhanced as we saw something completely new.

From the beginning, Sanji He has always stood out for the use of his legs to carry out all kinds of fights., improving his physical skills with techniques that made him faster or more agile, like when he mastered the art of Geppo, that ability to walk through the air of Rokushiki that we mentioned. Now against Queen he demonstrated much more, coming to make use, in part not in its entirety, of a suit of his family. Without a doubt, the most complete and deep battle of the character to date, being the last one we have seen and the most spectacular, as it is a war against Yonkous.

One Piece - Sanji

Which Sanji victory do you keep?

up to here we come with this incredible review of several of the great battles that the character of Sanji has had in the history of One Piece. Without a doubt, it is not far behind in terms of epic moments and what we wanted to do with this list is to remember all those battles that have been great and that have meant something. Does this mean that you have not won or been fighting with more people? Of course has defeated other characters in battles something shorter, ridiculous or interrupted, as in the case of Oven, Duval or Vergo, respectively.

Not knowing what would happen in all the battles they haven’t completed in the bullets we can’t talk, so we wanted to leave the most memorable and that have meant something. There is no doubt that this character will always have a place among One Piece fans, since otherwise Oda I would not have dedicated a single year to him alone and such a relevant saga. We encourage you to remember with us all these great moments and share which do you think is the best of battles that we have mentioned.

One Piece - Sanji