One Piece Sets New Record With Wano Fight

in the a piece-Manga, the Straw Hat Pirates around Monkey D. Luffy have been fighting Kaido for quite some time. It looks like that fight for Wano is now coming to an end. “One Piece” sets a new record: so far, no battle has been longer than this one.

The One Piece fight is the longest in manga history so far

“One Piece” is known for its fights in epic scale represent and stretch properly. Of course, this also forms Battle for Wano in the current arc no exception, quite the contrary. The fight against Kaido has now it seems like it’s finally come to an end – if he doesn’t make it to the next round after all. Be that as it may, it is clear that we are dealing with a new recording Must do.

Longer than all previous battles: Thanks to the new form of Monkey D. Luffy Fifth Gear Now it looks like the fight between the Straw Hat Pirate Captain and Kaido is over. If nothing else comes up, that’s it, and the people of Wano will finally be free. So what takes time will end up being good.

According to the New World Artur Twitter account, the Wano resistance fighters’ fight against Kaido and his pirate brigade proud 64 chapters lasted. This is equivalent to a 650 day period, through which the manga chapters were released. This battle is by far the longest in “One Piece” history.

only the question remains if that was really it and indeed we have already seen the end of this struggle here. A lot of fans don’t really believe it. For example, it is possible that Momo even more efficient elongates. Some One Piece fans also seem to be hoping that Monkey D. Luffy Killed Kaido with a more spectacular attackthan it would be now.

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