‘One Piece’: Shanks and the 9 curiosities you may not have known about The Redhead

Shank is one of the most important and influential characters of ‘one piece‘, and curiously also one of the least we know. Much of his past and also of his future plans are a tremendous mystery of which we have only seen some small brushstrokes, which makes the character even more likeable and without a doubt it is anot one of the big fan favorites.

In ‘One Piece Film Red‘ we have a few more little details about Shanks, but during the manga and anime series of ‘One Piece’ We have been able to collect some curiosities about the red-haired pirate and why he is one of the most respected captains in the world.

eye! There are no spoilers for the movie in this article, but there are some possible spoilers if you don’t catch up with the ‘One Piece’ manga.

The redhead

Precisely the color of his hair is one of the most significant characteristics of Shanks and that has earned him the nickname and also the name of his crew. Although there are more red-haired characters in ‘One Piece’ like Nami herself, Shanks red hair color is unique and only he has this particular tone.

Referral reward included

Shanks bounty is massive and amounts to 4,048,900,000 berries. The number is not random at all, as the 4-8-9 in the cipher can be read as “shi-ya-ku (シヤク)”, a reference to Shanks’ own name and how it is read in Japanese: “シャンクス, Shankusu”.

Fruits are not needed to be respected

Within the fact that Devil Fruits are a rarity, they are relatively common within the world of ‘One Piece’ and sometimes it seems that they are given away on the street. It’s normal for every pirate crew to have multiple power users, but not for Shanks’ crew.

Neither Shanks nor any member of his group are Devil Fruit users, at least as far as we have been shown.so they are where they are because of their Haki and because of their combat skills.

Introduced us to Haki

In fact, Shanks is the first character in ‘One Piece’ to demonstrate the use of Haki in the series.. It’s also an unwritten rule that Shanks is the most powerful Haki user in the world, precisely because he doesn’t have the powers of a Devil Fruit. According to Oda, if Shanks had used his full power on Fish-Man Island, he could have single-handedly defeated a hundred thousand fish-men.

Shanks Img2

One of the Four Emperors

Shanks is one of the four most famous and feared pirate captains in the world, who are known as the four emperors. However, Shanks is a bit different from the original members of the group in that he is the only one who is not a Devil Fruit user.

It is not the only thing that separated him from Kaidou, Whitebeard and Big Mom, since he also he was the only member who was not over fifty years old and did not have his own fleet either. Also, Shanks was born on the West Blue instead of the Grand Line, and had no relation to the Rocks Pirates.

related to all

Now, andn the manga has already changed the configuration of the current Four Emperors, and Shanks has a direct relationship with all. He was companion of Buggy as part of Gol D. Roger’s pirate crew, blackbeard gave him his trademark scars, and Shanks inspired Luffy to become a pirate.

shanks and buggy

It was almost a surprise

Before it became the manga series that it is now, there were several versions of a short story that Eiichiro Oda wrote. ‘Romance Dawn‘ had some similarities to what became ‘One Piece’, starting with Luffy being the main character.

In fact, in the second version of ‘Romance Dawn’, it was Luffy’s grandfather who gave him his hat and the Devil Fruit. Shanks didn’t even appear in this part of the story, but Oda was already planning his appearance and wanted it to have a big surprise impact later on.

He is the one who most resembles Oda

According to the creator of ‘One Piece’, Shanks is the character with a personality most similar to his. Oda has once mentioned that she believes Shanks is very similar to him because they both share a personality and a very calm way of acting, even in the most extreme situations.

We owe a fan his birthday

Although we know when the birthday of many characters in ‘One Piece’ is, with the number of people in the series it is difficult to keep track of everyone. Many times fans write to Oda with suggestions for names and curiosities and the mangaka decides to include them in the story.

This is what happened to Shanks’s birthday, which is now the March 9 thanks to a fan suggestion. The main reason is because of how the names sound in Japanese and how they resemble their name: “Shan” for month three, and “kusu” for day nine.. In addition, March 9 is also the birthday of mihawkso the two share a date.