One Piece: Shanks, captain of the Roux Pirates, is more charismatic than ever

The manga written by Eiichirō Oda, One Piece, has no less than 103 volumes and is still being produced by its author. The latter even has the right to its anime adaptation and it has become essential on the small screen with more than 1025 episodes. In it, we find many charismatic characters including Shanks.

A real inspiration for Luffy

Luffy was inspired by Shanks to embark on his journey as a pirate. The latter which is also called Red is the captain of the crew of Le Roux, and one of the four emperors. But before that, he was ship’s boy in the crew of the Roger Pirates which is still the only one to have conquered Grand Line.

Regarding Shanks, he has several particularities that make him very easy to recognize. First of all, he has a peculiar hair color, he also has 3 scars on his left eye which were caused by Blackbeard and he lost his left arm when he rescued Luffy as a child and he got hurt. attack by a sea monster.

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Regarding the Shanks figurine, he has a long black cape, an open shirt, black sandals, a sword in his belt and his severed arm is hidden. This is a Banpresto model which is a guarantee of quality on the finish. In addition, it measures no less than 26 cm high.

If you want to complete your collection or are simply a fan of One Piecebe aware that it is possible to order this statuette HERE. And to complete your collection, there is also that of Roronoa Zoro which is really sublime and which will be perfect next to that of Shanks. We let you discover it in our previous article.

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