One Piece Shares Look at Uta’s Original Designs

One Piece: Red has become the biggest money-making film in the Shonen franchise’s history, and a part of that is thanks to not just the return of Red-Haired Shanks to the anime, but the introduction of his daughter, Uta. With the movie having an electric theatrical run, Eiichiro Oda recently released the original designs for the “ultimate diva” while also showing Grand Line fans what Uta’s name was originally slated to be prior to Red’s release earlier this year.

Alongside releasing the original designs for UtaEiichiro Oda himself had released notes on the daughter of Shanks and her design, stating that it would change depending on the type of music that would be employed within the fifteenth movie of the series:

“Depending on what type of music we go for, it should reflect in her appearance. Most of the important traits have not yet been decided. These are all still drafts. Still, thought I might as well draw some ideas I had planned. Let’s Please think thoroughly on if we really want to go forward with music I feel the movie should have more emphasis on music than even One Piece: Gold did.”

Uta Piece: Red

Twitter Outlet New World Artur took the opportunity to share these original sketches of Uta from one piece creator Eiichiro Oda, while also revealing that Uta was originally named “Deborah” before she hit the big screen and helped deliver a film that has become the most profitable in the history of the Straw Hat Pirates:

If you watched One Piece: Red when it hit theaters, you know that Utah’s future in the Grand Line is up in the air, with even Oda and his producers coming to different conclusions as to whether Shanks’ daughter will return to the series. Of course, the series is in its Final Arc and has plenty of events and characters that are sure to occupy the Straw Hat Pirates’ time, meaning that Uta has the clock running against her if she is planning to revisit Luffy and his crew. .

Do you prefer any of Oda’s original designs for Uta over the aesthetic used for One Piece’s fifteenth film? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Grand Line.