One Piece: showed Luffy’s Gear Fourth Final

Will we soon see the awakening of his devil fruit?

One Piece chapter 1041 has shown the final form of Monkey D. Luffy’s Gear Fourth! Eiichiro Oda’s manga series has reached the climax of the war on Onigashima as the final battles have been resolved across the island. With the huge defeat that took place in the previous chapters, all that is left to settle everything is for Luffy to successfully defeat Kaido on the roof of the Skull Dome. And with the final form of his Gear Fourth, it looks like this might be possible..

In previous chapters of the fight between Luffy and Kaido, we had seen that the two had come to a new mutual understanding, respect, and camaraderie on the battlefield. A growing affection had grown between the two, and with that feeling, Kaido began to fight harder than ever. The same could be said for Luffy, as the end of the newest chapter in the series sees him dive back into his final Gear Fourth form, Snakeman in a last ditch effort to defeat Kaido by any means necessary..

one piece 1041 luffy kaido

One Piece chapter 1041, we see how Monkey D. Luffy shows the ‘Hydra’ form of his Snakeman Gear Fourth, while Kaido receives the full impact with his entire being. He probably couldn’t defend against this powerful attack because he realized that Big Mom had been defeated. Even though he’s still at odds with the Straw Hat pirate, his grief over Big Mom’s loss is still there (especially after the two of them vowed to reach the One Piece treasure together in a mighty alliance before all of this came crashing down). makes you fight a lot more. It’s the same for Luffy as he was shocked by Law and Kid’s victory and thus now he is moving towards his own victory.

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The last fight between Luffy Kaido in One Piece 1041

Snakeman Luffy lands a couple of notable punches on Kaido as fast as we’ve never seen him before, down to the last ounce of energy just to knock him down. Knowing that a loss here means the people of Wano will suffer, he is giving everything he can on his last trump card, even if it means his body is ruined in the process. As long as Kaido is defeated, Luffy won’t care about the consequences to him.

one piece 1041 luffy kaido

Meanwhile, Law and Kid hope that Luffy will take the victory, since they have completely run out of energy after their confrontation with Big Mom.. Everything remains in the hands of the young pirate.

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