One Piece Showrunner Promises Netflix Series Will Stay True To Anime Characters

After the disappointment that was cowboy bebopnow Netflix try again with the adaptation of one of the series of anime most acclaimed in history: one piece.

Based on the manga by Eiichirô Oda, the plot of One Piece tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who dreams of being the next King of the Pirates and who accidentally eats a demonic fruit known as Gomu Gomu no Miwhich turns him into a rubber man with the drawback of weakening with seawater and not being able to swim.

Despite everything, Luffy is still determined to become the King of the Pirates and for this he travels the world in search of the one piece, the legendary treasure of the former King of the Gold Roger Pirates, as he recruits his crew along the way, each member being the most peculiar. Together they will live exciting adventures facing all kinds of dangers.


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The fidelity of the new Netflix series with respect to the original work

Since the One Piece live action series was announced, there have been many fans who have been concerned that Netflix may take too many liberties with its adaptation.

However, its showrunner, Matt Owens, has calmed fans by assuring that One Piece characters will be as faithful as possible to the anime.

During a chat with Nux Takuthe showrunner promised fidelity with the characters in the live-action series, guaranteeing that there will not be any kind of romance between them and that they will be part of a big family in search of adventures, just as Oda envisioned..

“The Straw Hats, if you want to qualify their relationships in any way, they’re all brothers. It’s a family. There’s no romance between the Straw Hats,” Owens stated.

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for now It has been possible to verify that the scenarios will remain faithful to what was seen in the animewhere Netflix has shown quite identical recreations of emblematic places such as the Baratie restaurant, Alvida’s ship or the iconic Going Merry, the ship of the Straw Hat gang.

On the other hand, the cast seems to also follow this fidelity, since the races of the actors coincide with the ethnic appearances imagined by Oda himself.

Thus, the main cast of the series is led by Inaki Godoy (Don’t open the door) as the captain luffy, Mackenyu Arata (Fullmetal Alchemist: The Final Alchemy) as second in command Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd (Moonshot) as the thief and navigator Nami, Jacob Gibson (Greenleaf) as the carpenter and sniper Usopp and taz skylar (The Deal) as the cook and womanizer Sanji.

The cast is completed by the actors McKinley Belcher III, Vincent Regan, Ilia Isorelýs Paulino, Morgan Davies, Peter Gadiot, Craig Fairbrass, Langley Kirkwood, Alexander Maniatis and Celeste Loots.

The One Piece series is expected to premiere on the Netflix catalog sometime in 2023.. Meanwhile, here we leave you what they are The best Netflix series of 2022, according to the editorial staff of Hobby Consolas.