One Piece shows its two new devil fruits in great detail

Although we already knew of their existence, not what they looked like

One Piece is one of the longest-running works in the manga and anime industry, for this reason its community is one of the largest on the internet and they show it with each chapter. Every piece of information that feeds the interesting world created by Eiichiro Oda feeds the conversation between his fandom, now we discover more about two new official devil fruits, those of Eustass kid and Charlotte Katakuri.

Now, it’s rare that we first see “the awakening of the devil fruit” before the fruit itself, but the editorial decisions are something beyond our understanding. Be that as it may, we finally know the shape of these precious objects, both were presented in an official art that was shared on social networks.

Thanks to Soulstorm we can have an overview of how they look these devil fruits from One Piece. On one side, we have Kid who has the Jiki Jiki no Mi with magnetic powers, as for its shape, we can see that it is irregular and sharp, with a metallic appearance. This color is congruent with his ability to control metal and magnetic forces.

We see the importance of this devil fruit in chapter 1038 and 1039 of One Piece when Kid’s new special ability called Assign is activated which allows him to grant magnetism to any object or person. So together with Law he can create a devastating attack like few others in One Piece. With this final technique, Law and Kid managed to embarrass Big Mom and his entire crew. There wasn’t a single weapon or pirate left that didn’t fall victim to Kid’s drawing power and Law’s spatial manipulation.

one piece manga 1030 law kid

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Katakuri’s Devil Fruit Has Been Revealed In One Piece

As for Katakuri’s devil fruit, this is one of the most different ones we see in all of One Piece, it has a curved figure with a simple pattern and is colored in a creamy beige tone, so it’s not that exciting from the start. Exterior. However, we do know that Katakuri has harnessed his power making him a formidable opponent.

one piece devil fruit katakuri

Katakuri’s Mochi Mochi no Mi gives him the ability to create and manipulate Mochi. He used this power in a similar way to how Luffy does his gum, so the pair had an interesting fight during the Whole Cake Island Saga..

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