One Piece shows the new and latest form of Luffy’s Gear Fourth

One of the great moments of One Piece has been to reach the historic chapter 1,000, in this we saw the Straw Hat Pirates reunite once more. But, the celebration did not end on that occasion, in chapter 1,001, we see Monkey D. Luffy unleash all his power with the Gear Fourth.

Up to now, Luffy had shown great strength on his way through Onigashima, the ogre island of Wano Country.. We could not say that he has held back against the hordes under Kaido’s control, however in the last chapter we saw a new scale of power never seen before. El protagonista de One Piece activó su Gear Fourth: Bounce Man action!

This new power inflates Monkey D. Luffy’s limbs, muscles, and entire body with air, turning him into armor that “jumps and swings” like a rubber balloon that can bounce anywhere.. In this case, we see how our protagonist flies straight to the roofs of the Skull Dome.

Thanks to this new power seen in One Piece episode 1,001, Luffy seems ready to face Kaido. As for the manga, this form of this pirate’s Gear Fourth had been revealed a couple of years before the anime., his fandom had been waiting to see this powerful ability animated.

Despite the fact that Luffy still cannot master the armor that he obtains thanks to his Gear Fourth, seems to indicate that each time he is closer to taking his ability of his devil fruit to the maximum power.

For instance, his GearFourth Snakeman concentrates the air in his arms to give our pirate a great advantage against his opponents. It may be that during the fight against Kaido, we can see the devastating power of Luffy in One Piece.

one piece 1001 gear fourth

Luffy’s awakening in One Piece

As mentioned before, Luffy could be close to awakening the power of his devil fruit Gomu-Gomu and With this new form of his Gear Fourth, we are closer to discovering the maximum level of power that our protagonist could have in One Piece.

Some of the awakenings seen in One Piece are as devastating as Katakuri’s that allows you to have complete control of your environment and others are an evolution of your power like Doflamingo’s. Recently, in chapter 1030 of the One Piece manga, we saw the awakening of Kid and Law’s abilities against Big Mama, with their new great ability they managed to control their environment (through their magnetism).

one piece manga 1030 law kid

In his case, his awakenings were an extension of his basic abilities, as Monkey D. Luffy when he activated his different gears. Although this could have been a mere coincidence, it opens the debate of what will be the form that the awakening of our protagonist will take.

One of the great theories has been that Luffy will manage to master the haki of his Gear Fourth armor by inflating his entire body and subjecting it to great pressure to unleash all its devastating power.

Luffy will be Mexican in the live-action of One Piece

While we wait to know the fate of our protagonist, we have the revelation of the cast of the live-action of One Piece. Who will play our young pirate is a young actor known for his role in Who Killed Sara? of the year 2021. Iñaki Godoy has worked in the web-series like Por La Máscara, coming to work in Sin Miedo a la Verdad, a Televisa production.

One Piece live-action iñaki godoy

Through your account Instagram, The actor thanked the producer behind the live-action One Piece for his role:

If you are interested in following closely this important anime franchise and the history of Monkey D. Luffy and company. We tell you that in Spain, The One Piece manga is distributed by Planeta de Agostini; in Latin America by the Panini publishing house, and in Argentina by the Ivrea publishing house. In addition, its anime version is available at Crunchyroll exclusively.