One Piece shows the redesign of its characters for the new arc

The scientific theme takes over the Straw Hats.

One Piece is in full final swing, thus beginning the Egghead arc, in which we hope it will be solve some of the mysteries that involve characters like Doctor Vegapunk, as well as many others such as those of the Luffy’s father. However, before going into the whole heart of the matter, it must be said that, as the beginning of a new arc, One Piece has had a redesign of the main characters.

Of course, contrary to what has happened with the 70 year old version of Luffyit must be said that this look change it is something permanent at least during the Egghead arc, as it has been revealed what the members of the Straw Hat crew will look like during the duration of their stay on this island.

The entire Straw Hat crew acquires clothing according to the Vegapunk laboratory.

One Piece is one of the best works in the world, given its interesting plot

One Piece is one of the best works in the world, given its interesting plot

In this way, it has been in chapter 1064 when we have been able to see that the members of Luffy’s crew have adapted to the island with new clothesthus giving rise to the fact that in his designs we can see a clear influence of Dr. Vegapunk, who is being a central axis in this arc due to the fact that information about him is being revealed.

It is for all this that it can be seen that when entering Doctor Vegapunk’s laboratory, the members of the Straw Hats must dress according to the situationbeing able to see Franky, Usoop, Sanji, Nami and Robin with the clothes they will wear during their stay on this island:

It should be noted that this usually means that the story on the new island begins, so the current arc is expected to start moving forward. For the rest, it should be noted that the stay in Egghead is serving for many things such as showing that Luffy is smarter than he looks..

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