One Piece shows Yamato’s full wolf form

One Piece is a manga and anime that has been constantly published for more than 20 years without hardly a break from its author, which causes many fans who every week be attentive to what is revealed with each new chapter, especially if it is from the manga as it is more advanced than the anime.

In this way, the Shonen is showing and revealing new characters from time to time, being so the Wano Arc brought with it one of the new fan favorites, this being the character of Yamato, who many speculate that could join the straw hat crew, being another girl of the group besides Robin and Nami.

Under this premise, it was known by many that the character of Yamato was capable of becoming a beast, this being something that has been revealed in the recent chapter of the manga, specifically in chapter 1028, in which we have been able to see Yamato in his wolf form. Needless to say If you have not read the chapter yet, do not go down the page.

A fight between Yamato and Kaidou makes her use all her power

Be that as it may, in a recent battle between Yamato and Kaidou, father and daughter had already used a hybrid form between wolf and human in the past. However, with the fighting in full swing, Yamato has used all its power, thus revealing the wolf form that you can see at the end of this news.

All that said, there are many fans who are looking forward to know the result of this war against the Pirates of the beasts, being so it is debated whether Yamato will be able to defeat his father even with his wolf form. However, if something has made Oda clear in the past, it is that it is capable of capturing epic battles in the manga, so it will not leave anyone indifferent, either through this format or once it has been brought to animation. Without going any further, we have already seen the saga in the form of sneakers, so there are no limits in this regard.

Having said all this, you can see below the appearance of Yamato in the form of a wolf: